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Create a no-hassle, no cost, ongoing alternative revenue stream for your business.


Add additional value for customers by creating your own tours and showcasing more of your business through our mobile platform.


5000+ international and domestic tourists eager to discover your local market through our platform and this number is dramatically increasing everyday.


Lets Work Together

As a partner of FreeGuides, you will be joining an esteemed list of partners that have already been accessing the benefits of Australia and New Zealand’s fastest growing travel community. We have over 1500 explorers and more joining everyday.


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Oberon Council

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Newy Rides

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Sydney Jewish Museum

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Carnamah Council

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Where is FreeGuides available?

We're available in over 40+ countries worldwide on both IOS and Android App stores! Please see below for our supported countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium. Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark. Estonia. Finland, France. Germany. Greece. Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain. Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

What languages are supported?

FreeGuides supports all languages during the experience, however, the platform itself is currently only available in English.

What makes FreeGuides different

  1. We are truly a peer to peer platform
  2. Our payment system is exclusively cashless
  3. We offer value before, during and after the experience
  4. We allow our guides to create any experience they could imagine whether that’s photography, religious, architectural or cultural
  5. Offer 24/7 self-guided experiences curated by locals

What is FreeGuides?

FreeGuides is an IOS and Android app. We're a peer to peer platform, enabling locals to create, run and manage their own experiences. We empower locals to capitalize on an underutilized resource and their unique knowledge of their city. The app manages the entire customer journey, finding an experience, running an experience, and completing/tipping for an experience.


How do I pay for an experience?

At the end of your experience you simply pay the amount you believe the experience was worth. You use your phone to send a secure payment to the guide. Our proprietary technology allows the collection of payment through the mobile app, creating an extremely easy and secure process.

How do I know experiences are safe?

At FreeGuides we use a specialised rating system and security systems to ensure the safety of all our explorers.

If I'm an explorer can I also make experiences?

Yes! Anyone is able to create an experience, if you need support please refer to our 'Guide Centre' in the blogs or contact us.


Who can create an experience?

We have specifically designed FreeGuides to allow anyone in the world to create an experience. We think the people who know their cities better than anyone else are those who breathe the air and walk the streets. That's why we make it simple and stress-free to make an experience using FreeGuides.

What is post-experience?

Post experience allows for guides to give additional recommendations and highlights for your time left in the city including:

  1. Restaurant recommendations
  2. Sightseeing locations
  3. Bars
  4. Activities
  5. Facts
  6. General information

How do I create an experience?

Creating an experience is extremely easy. There are four easy steps.

  1. Download the IOS/ Android app
  2. Signup using either Facebook or Google.
  3. Create a tour in under 3 minutes, simply add photos, highlights and stops.
  4. Wait for explorers to book in your experience.
For further help, read our blog.

How do I get paid as a guide?

Even though experiences are priced through a pay what you want to model, our unique collection system allows us to pay you frequently and consistently. Our cashless system creates many benefits and incentives for our guides:

  1. Regular and consistent payments even through unexpected conditions such as weather and unforeseen pressures.
  2. Explorers pay higher amounts when offered cashless systems only.
See more here

Do I need any qualification to be a guide?

Not at all, we encourage anyone to have the ability to create experiences based off their own personal travel stories and unique knowledge.

What type of experiences can I create?

FreeGuides enables anyone to create any unique experience, we have no limitations on what experiences you can create. For more ideas, read our blog.

If I'm a guide can I also book an experiences?

Yes, if you are a guide you do have the ability to join existing experiences, as we are a peer to peer platform, you have the potential to do both exploring and guiding on our paltform.

How can I earn $10 AUD?

Create your first approved experience on FreeGuides, to get a cash reward of $10 AUD right into your bank account. See here for information on our requirements for an approved experience.


Is FreeGuides really free?

Short answer: YES! We believe our unique system of vetting and rating system creates the highest quality experiences led by the most passionate people. This means that when you go on a FreeGuides experience you should be taken on an experience of a lifetime. These experiences will be curated by locals who know their city better than anyone else. Thus we think that you will value these experiences enough to pay what you want. After finishing a FreeGuides experience, it is possible to leave nothing if you were unsatisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions