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App Update: Experience Screen Interface

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

One of the most common feedback we got previously was with the during the experience screen as users wanted a more simplistic and better user interface. We took the feedback in and for the last 2 months we have developed a new interface that will allow for a stronger focus on the experience itself by keeping the design minimalistic and simple.

Here is depicted the new interface which you can find in-app as well:

Main Updates:

1. 3 Different Map Types

By having these 3 different map views, we enable explorers to fully understand their terrain. This is particularly important for outdoor hiking trails and off-road walks where it can be hard to navigate the area with the normal map view.

2. Edge-to-edge view

Strong focus on ensuring that you are able to enjoy the content easily when you're on the experience by having a seamless view of everything. When you scroll down the bar at the top will lock in place to allow both a map view and content view simultaneously. This allows for you to enjoy the photos, audios, media provided by the guide and ensure you're not getting lost at the same time.

3. Improved Media

Previously in our older versions we had a few issues with the audio content of experience, we have since improved it to remove the bug. Additionally, videos have been upgraded to decrease the loading time and have improvements with the user interface of the video button itself.

4. Map Centring

A function that we have introduced is centring of the map itself. When you go to your next stop or backwards the map will centre itself to the location so users can easily visualise the location without scrolling through the map to find it.

We hope this helps people explore more and if you ever have any feedback, please reach out to us on our socials or through the website!

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