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How to Add and Verify Your Bank Account

Updated: Sep 28


  1. What is bank verification

  2. How to get verified through Web App

  3. How to get verified through Mobile App

What is bank verification?

We need your bank details so that we can allow both explorers to send tips and guides to receive tips. We use a platform called Stripe which allows us to easily connect the guides and the explorers together.

You will need to also verify your account with Stripe to ensure the payments can be made.

How to get verified on Web-App?

How to get verified on Mobile App?

1. Go to 'Finance' from your home screen and press on 'add card'.

2. Once you've added a card for payment, you need to add a 'bank account' for 'receiving'

  • We currently accept: IBAN, Bank Routing Number and BSB for bank accounts.

3. Now that you have all your financial accounts attached, you need to 'verify your account'.

4. Now we use Stripe to ensure your financial details are secure and verified. In this section, follow the prompts to add in your name, email and billing address.

5. For industry choose 'Tourism' and your business website can be a link to your social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

6. Add your identification, this will open up your camera and you just need to follow the prompts, take a selfie and become verified!

Now that you have verified your finances, you're on your way to receiving tips and tipping others with experiences!

If you still haven’t found the answers you’re after, ask our Guide Community or Contact Us.

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