How to Add Stops in Your Experience

Updated: Jul 6

What are stops?

An experience can have multiple stops that are viewed from beginning to end. These stops contain media that help the users get a better understanding of the experiences.

The screens where stops can be seen are:

  • Add Stops

  • During Experience

Why are they important?

Stops allow explorers to efficiently understand the experience you have created. This allows them to explore the in-depths of each area of the experience as it is essentially broken down into smaller, understandable stops. It is best to have your stops in walkable distances as it allows the explorers to efficiently navigate through the experience at ease.

FreeGuides requires each experience to have at least 3 stops for it to be approved.

Here is a quick video preview of the stop feature:

How do you add stops?

Mobile App

1. Drag and drop your stops by clicking 'add stop'

  • This option is great for non-specific locations that aren't as well known (e.g. street art)

2. Press 'enter address' to type a specific location

  • An alternative to dragging and dropping, this is the best option for more specific locations (e.g. buildings)

3. Add at least 3 stops

  • Add multiple stops by following the two options above and the minimum amount of stops we allow is 3. Our app will automatically route the optimal route together from each stop.


1. Drag the 'x' on the map to your desired location and then press 'add stop' to set that location as one of your stops.

2. Select 'search for next stop', type your stop's location and choose your stop from the dropdown as shown below.

3. Have at least 3 stops to ensure your experience gets approved on FreeGuides.

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