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New Ways to Work From Home

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The best response I have gotten when asking the question “What have you been up to lately?” has been the simple answer of “Adapting”. In essence that’s all we’re doing at the moment, adapting. We’re not going to start articles with lines like “uncertain times” or “unprecedented times”, because you all know whats going on. Instead here at FreeGuides, we are going to try to provide you with new ways to adapt and keep that bank account of yours in the black, providing various methods to use the FreeGuides app.

Create an Experience

Creating new experiences for explorers using the FreeGuides application is a great new way to work from home. You’re able to show off your city in a new light, highlighting attractions of your city from the best Op Shops in Melbourne to the best cafes in Surry Hills here in Sydney, whatever your expertise is, FreeGuides enables you to show off what you love about your city. You’re even able to show off your photography skills, attaching pictures to each of the attractions you send your explorers to. The better and more interactive you create your experience, the more likely explorers will tip you, allowing you to make your fortune from the comfort of your very own home.

Teach a Lesson

If creating a whole new guided walking tour isn’t your cup of tea, there are ways of using FreeGuides, such as creating a guided lesson. Using the description feature when adding new destinations to your experience, you are able to insert helpful information about whatever topic you best know about. Whether you are teaching landscape painting, using each destination to help get the most of the famous Bondi sunset, or perhaps teaching skateboarding, through interactive videos at some of your cities famous skate parks, FreeGuides lets you not only create something for explorers to see, but to learn from as well. And just think about how you can do this all from the comfort of your very own home. Working from home as never been easier.

Be an Expert

Take centre stage of the classroom from the comfort of your own home with the abilities show off your expertise on FreeGuides. Send explorers to Sydney or Melbournes Chinatown, combining such tours with a history of Australian and Chinese relations, the intersections of the various cultures that have all arrived here in Australia. Perhaps send your explorers throughout the botanical gardens of your city, providing notes on the history of each plant and flower you see, whether they’re endemic or not, or where they came from. FreeGuides allows you to work from home in a new field, the role of a Professor or Expert, with the whole world being your classroom.

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