Uncovered: 6 Hidden Gems Around the World to Visit on Your Next Holiday

Updated: Jun 27

Life is short and fleeting, sometimes, holidays feel the same as well. Whenever we travel, we're always rushing to see everything at once and trying to capture all moments but it can be hard. That's why to make the most of them, we should prioritise the places and memories we want to see and make the most.

For your next trip, adventure, vacation, whatever it may be, if you're struggling to find that perfect holiday with the perfect destination to hit up. We've compiled a small list of hidden gems around the world you won't want to miss in your lifetime. If you're looking for a sign to plan your next trip somewhere, this is it!

1) Tianmen Mountain, China

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Home to one of nature's most beautiful formations, 'Heaven's Gate 999 Steps' which is a rock in the shape of an arch that resides above the clouds. If you are someone who's up for a challenge, this is the perfect place to see if you can walk all 999 steps and get to the top of the mountain! You can get here by riding a cable car up to Tianmen Mountain or enjoy a 1-2 hour picturesque view of nature.

2) Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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How often do you get to see ancient buildings like these? A national symbol of Cambodian Buddhism and UNESCO World Heritage site, this is definitely a place you won't want to miss if you're travelling to Cambodia. These ruins were originally built in the 12th-century is dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. It’s the largest religious structure in the world, and although abandoned in the 15th-century there are still used for worship even today.

3) Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

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Have you ever wanted to walk around the sky? This is the world's largest salt flat located in Bolivia, it's the remnants of a prehistoric lake that went dry and left behind a large plain of bright-white salt and rock formations. At times you can find this salt lake covered with a very clear layer of water, which creates the largest natural mirror in the world. We recommend wearing water shoes, so you’re able to walk across this lake and enjoy the feeling of walking along the sky.

4) Biei, Japan

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For Apple users, this scenery may be a bit familiar to you. Yes! It was the old wallpaper that was featured in many Apple products back in the day which helped the location gain popularity. The town in Hokkaido is well known for its blue pond and its Christmas tree has been the location where many Japanese dramas were filmed. If you visit this snowy region in winter, make sure to wear thick clothing and arrive early to catch their buses to travel around as many of them end in the afternoon! In the summer, you can find a large field of flowers which has been described as an escape to a fantasy world by many who have been.

5) Angels Landing Trail, Mexico

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Would you dare to take a dangerous hike just for the best panoramic views? The Angel’s Landing, originally known as the Temple of Aeolus, is well known as one of the most dangerous hikes in America because of how steep and narrow the trail is. Starting in 2022, it’s required for all hikers to have a permit to go on the second half of this trail because of how dangerous it can get towards the end. If you can climb to the top of this trail, you'll be able to see the beautiful panoramic views of Zion Canyon.

6) Chocolate Hills, Philippines

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The Chocolate Hills are a geological rock formation that creates hills full of lush green grass that wraps all around and turns brown during the dry seasons. According to the legends, these hills were formed because of a crying giant who had been disappointed in love, and the hills grew where his tears fell to earth. Whether these legends are true or not, you can find out when you visit this place. Although you can't climb the mountains, there are 360-degree viewing platforms that are nearby for you to take in the Chocolate Hills.

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