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What To Do Today: Make an Experience

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The COVID lockdown has been tough on a lot of people, but thankfully here in Sydney, we’re putting the worst of it behind us. Coming out of the home to beautiful summer days spent at the beach is one option I’m sure many of you will take. But there are so many more things to do in Sydney! With FreeGuides you can create an experience and instantly share it with anyone and everyone, even making a little extra cash quickly on the side. Here are a few ideas of experiences you can make with FreeGuides.

1. What To Do Today: Create your own King Street Crawl

Newtown’s King Street Crawl is an institution in itself. A night of live music playing all night long at a host of bars and pubs along the famous street. But why do you need to limit your explorers to one night of the year? King Street every night of the week remains a hub for unique and interesting bar experiences. Travel to the many bars hosting drag performances, or find yourself on the main stage singing karaoke at Kelly’s on King. You can even recommend your explorers get there early and enjoy the sunset from many of the rooftop bars and balconies looking over the famous hub of the Inner West. There are also some of the best op shops and cheap eats one could find. On the weekend, many of the bars are open to live music with bands of all different genres displaying their talents and putting on some of the best shows you’ll ever see. But the live music isn’t relegated solely to the pubs, with buskers littering the street, providing the perfect evening backdrop as your explorers crawl from pub to pub.

2. What To Do Today: Head to the Skatepark

Sydney has too many famous Skateparks to count, with new ones being constructed as we speak. Whether you think of yourself as the next Lord of Dogtown or just trying to learn a new way to get around, the Sydney Skateparks provide the perfect opportunity to capitalise on. From the famous Sydenham Skatepark to Waterloo, Maroubra and Bondi, if you’re a skater looking to share your experiences with others, this seems like a no brainer. Sydenham is famous for its community of skaters, roller skaters, and rollerbladers alike, with people of all ages congregating around the bowl to see some of the gnarliest tricks you’ve ever seen. The best part about it is you don’t even need to be good! That's right, the community at Sydenham is always looking to encourage more skaters and lend a helping hand to anyone looking to give their sport a try. With FreeGuides you can create this experience for new and old skates alike, so get on it quickly before someone else.

3. What To Do Today: Explore the Markets


Sydney has a whole range of markets for you to choose from when creating your experiences on FreeGuides. The first market to send your explorers, of course, is the Bondi Farmers Market. Every Saturday at Bondi Beach Public School right on the waterfront, experience a host of local and international cuisine. Whether it be locally farmed oysters, fresh Acai bowls, or the best Gozleme you’ve ever had, the Bondi Farmers Markets are perfect for you. But with this experience, you get a two for one when creating it, as the market changes to a vintage clothes swap on Sunday to have you looking your op shop best. If clothes are more your forte, send your explorers to the Glebe markets. They will find some of the most incredible bargain bin finds and thank you for sending them there. Or if food is more your area of expertise, your explorers will love you for a trip to the Sydney Fish Market, where I kid you not, will have the best oysters of their lives for the price of a coffee.

4. What To Do Today: Create a Lesson

FreeGuides not only allows you to utilise your general and local knowledge of your area but also your technical know-how. From the comfort of your very own home, you can create not just an experience but a lesson. Send your explorers to the Botanical Gardens along with their cameras to capture the beautiful gardens at the waterfront. In your location description, include your technical knowledge of how to get the best shot to capture the true beauty that is the Sydney summer. Or maybe you’re a budding wildlife expert, keen to send people through the wild bushlands of Centennial Park to observe the flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You can include details about typical locations, diets, and sleeping patterns to help your explorers get the best sight of those cute little critters. Share your passions and I am sure you’ll get hundreds of hits on your next experience.

5. What To Do Today: Get Some Culture in you at the Art Galleries

Sydney has a whole host of famous Art Galleries that are just begging to be taken advantage of by your explorers. To all the new guides looking for ideas about creating new experiences, centering yours around the Sydney based art galleries is a winning idea. Whether it be the MCA, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, or the many exhibitions held across Sydney like the current Van Gogh exhibition at the Sydney Entertainment Quarter, you can provide the opportunity for your explorers to get their cultural fill. Many of the experiences centre around the Sydney CBD, so you can provide an easy and walkable tour to the various galleries, whilst also providing your explorers an opportunity to get a first-hand look at the CBD itself. As I’m sure you know the CBD restaurants and Surry Hills restaurants are some of the best restaurants in Sydney. I’d recommend getting on this quick and creating your own experience on FreeGuides before this one is snapped up in hurry.

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