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It's never been easier to explore with self-guided walking experiences.

Create, manage and monetise your own mobile guided experiences that anyone can explore


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Get quick answers from our frequently asked question.


What is FreeGuides?

FreeGuides is an IOS and Android app. We are a peer to peer platform, enabling locals to create, run and manage their own free walking tours Read More


How do I create an experience?

Download the IOS/Android app and follow the walkthrough. For more information read our blog on creating an experience. Read More


How do I make money as a guide on FreeGuides?

Guides make money by making virtual journeys that explorers can go on with their phones. At the end of these experiences explorers choose how much to pay. This new passive gig economy allows you to monetise your knowledge from home  Read More


What type of experiences can I create?

FreeGuides enables anyone to create any unique experience, we have no limitations on what experiences you can create.  Read our blog for more ideas on experiences you can create. Read More


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Guide in Newcastle

" FreeGuides allowed me to give something away, for free to customers that weren't able to ride alongside my regular tours.


Guide in Sydney

"When I customise a trip I think from the perspective of the traveller, I love how easy it is for travellers going on experiences."


Guide in Melbourne

"FreeGuides allows me to share the best that cities have to offer so much easier and less overwhelming.