Create self-guided tours your customers will love

Use our app to connect and inform in a scaleable way

Continued relationship post-checkout

After 11am your guests checkout, instead they can enjoy the day on one of your tours. Showcase surrounding businesses and activities whilst building brand awareness and loyalty.

Additional revenue stream

Either offer free tours your guests and our users can enjoy or create paid tours and monetise off your staffs local knowledge


15,000+ international and domestic tourists are eager to discover your local tours through our platform. Use our custom posters and flyers to share your tours with your guests to further enhance their stay

Features you and your customers will love

Add value to your current and future customers

Create immersive experiences

​Alternative revenue sources

Earn from experiences you make

Designed for marketing teams, not tech teams

No coding, drag and drop tools

Global brand awareness

Build your brand and share your experiences with the world

Sell more

Create a call to action on each stop with unique URLs

How it works

1. Sign Up

Download the FreeGuides App from the Google Play or the Apple App Store. Log into your existing account or create an account

2. Create An Experience

Open the app and create an experience in 'my experiences' or use our Web App to create an experience on your desktop.

3. Earn Money

Once your experience is approved by FreeGuides, you'll receive an email and you are able to begin generating revenue!


Experiences As A Service

Our Partners

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We’re really excited to be working with FreeGuides to provide value and enjoyment to our guests in a new-age way by giving them access to free digital walking tours. Off the back of our first experience released in partnership with the team at FreeGuides, we plan to create our own tours nationally by training our staff and allowing each hostel the opportunity to use their local knowledge to produce relevant tours for our guests

Newy Rides

FreeGuides allowed me to give something away, for free to customers that weren't able to ride alongside my regular tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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