Extend your relationship with your guests


beyond the lobby, into the city, and deep into the heart of the travel experience.

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Your Problems

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Relationship ends at the door
Creating meaningful connections and value is impossible after your guest walks out the door.
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Guests explore alone
Missing opportunities to boost your auxiliary services like your bar, restaurant or carpark affecting potential revenue and reviews.

Our Solutions

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Your knowledge in their pocket
Guests can explore at their own pace, guided by the trusted voice of your brand, creating an enduring connection that promotes loyalty and repeat stays.
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Data driven relationships
We equip you with actionable data insights, revealing guest behaviours, preferences, and feedback.

Promote Your Own White-Labeled Tours

We are the technology behind your deeper relationship with guests
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Freeguides hotel frontline

Connect Through Branded Tours

You know best
Self-Guided White-Labeled Tours
No app or download required
Our browser-based tours offer seamless access to your guests. A quick scan and they're exploring - no app downloads, no hassle. Just effortless city immersion that adds value to their stay.
Guests embark on tours at their convenience. Control the pace and timing, offering flexibility that complements their schedule.
Interactive map
Navigate with ease using our visual map interface, pinpointing all tour stops along with real-time user location.
AI Tour Creation
AI-Assisted Editable Content
Empower anyone in your organization to modify tours with the assistance of our ChatGPT-like AI, ensuring fresh and relevant content at all times.
Simplify the editing and approval process with our intuitive drag-and-drop solution, making tour management hassle-free.
See what visitors will see
Craft compelling experiences with your visitors in mind, thanks to our always-visible mobile view that mirrors what visitors will see.

How it works

White-labelled to fit your branding
White-label account
Set up your branded account with our team's assistance, White-labeled to your unique branding and voice
Tour Creation
Collaborate with us to tailor tours to your guests' needs or use our user-friendly tool to create tours yourself.
Tour promotion
Leverage our resources to promote the tours to your guests via QR codes at the front desk, confirmation emails, and more.

Feature & Benefits

You will love
Extended Stays and Repeat Bookings
Increases occupancy rate, build a stronger relationship with guests. Your hotel offers more than just a room, but a guided, immersive travel experience tailored just for them. Deepening connection turning one-time guests into repeat customers, maximizing your customer lifetime value.
Branded Self-Guided Tours
Create branded, personalized self-guided tours that extend your influence beyond the hotel and into the surrounding city.
Easy Tour Creation
Our intuitive drag-and-drop web app can be used by anyone in your organization to create engaging tours. Alternatively, our dedicated FreeGuides team can produce the tours for you.
Guest Personalization
Personalize tours based on guest demographics and preferences, enhancing their experience and increasing satisfaction.
Operational Efficiency
FreeGuides reduces the reliance on physical tour guides and paper maps, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective solution freeing up your concierge team for other tasks.
Data-Driven Insights
Gain valuable insights into guest behaviors and preferences, supporting informed decision-making and strategy formulation.
Seamless Integration
Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, making it easy to get started.
Multi-Language Support
Our platform supports multiple languages, ensuring that you can cater to guests from different linguistic backgrounds.

Our happy customers


What our customers says about us

"We’re really excited to be working with FreeGuides to provide value and enjoyment to our guests in a new-age way by giving them access to free digital walking tours. Off the back of our first experience released in partnership with the team at FreeGuides, we plan to create our own tours nationally by training our staff and allowing each hostel the opportunity to use their local knowledge to produce relevant tours for our guests"

Area Manager - Eastern

"For Tech Central to realise its potential, the activation of our community is critical, giving great reasons for startups, scaleups, students, researchers and all part of the innovation ecosystem to reconnect and be a part of this amazing Innovation District. This will be a critical part of the revitalisation of this part of our amazing city"

NSW Government
Tech Central

"I wholeheartedly endorse FreeGuides' proposed project. As Director of Precincts at the University of Technology Sydney, I've collaborated closely with them on initiatives promoting student inclusion and engagement. Their commitment to local culture, detail-oriented work, and consistent quality has made them a valuable partner. This project, embodying UTS's values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, promises significant community benefits. We're eager to continue our partnership with FreeGuides, and offer any required support."

Director, Precincts

"FreeGuides allowed me to give something away for free to customers that weren't able to ride alongside my regular tours"

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Unlimited Tour Creation:

Create as many tours as you want to offer a wide range of exploration options for your guests.

Unlimited Tour Hosting:

Host all your tours on our platform with no limitations

Free Custom Tours:

We will create tours for you, free of charge.

Dedicated Hotel Tour Page:

Your hotel gets its own dedicated tour page for easy access and better branding.

SEO Optimization:

Improve visibility and reach more guests with our SEO optimization feature.

Tour Promotion:

We support both physical and digital promotion of your tours to maximize reach.

White Labeling:

All tours can be branded to match your hotel's unique identity.

Staff Training:

We provide comprehensive training to your staff on how to create engaging tours.

Mobile Accessibility:

All tours are accessible on mobile devices, making it convenient for guests to explore at any time.

Analytics and Reporting:

Understand your guests better with detailed analytics and reporting on tour usage


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