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[{"address":"Karma Kandara","placeId":null,"location":{"longitudeDelta":0.14905644535097232,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":-8.845067502471224,"longitude":115.15219559999998},"media":[{"type":"place","content":{"formatted_address":"Jl. Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80362, Indonesia","types":["bar","establishment","lodging","point_of_interest","spa"],"partial_match":true,"geometry":{"viewport":{"east":115.1535445802915,"south":-8.846416480291502,"north":-8.843718519708498,"west":115.1508466197085},"location":{"lng":115.1521449,"lat":-8.8451021},"location_type":"GEOMETRIC_CENTER"},"address_components":[{"types":["administrative_area_level_4","political"],"short_name":"Ungasan","long_name":"Ungasan"},{"types":["administrative_area_level_3","political"],"short_name":"Kec. Kuta Sel.","long_name":"Kecamatan Kuta Selatan"},{"types":["administrative_area_level_2","political"],"short_name":"Kabupaten Badung","long_name":"Kabupaten Badung"},{"types":["administrative_area_level_1","political"],"short_name":"Bali","long_name":"Bali"},{"types":["country","political"],"short_name":"ID","long_name":"Indonesia"},{"types":["postal_code"],"short_name":"80362","long_name":"80362"}],"plus_code":{"compound_code":"5532+XV Ungasan, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia","global_code":"6P3Q5532+XV"},"place_id":"ChIJ6VFHGOJA0i0RN6Bpe6ZtFj8"}},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the magnificent Karma Kandara, a paradise peering down from the clifftop overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean. Can you imagine anything more thrilling than dining on the edge while the sun sets, creating a play of colors on the horizon? This luxurious slice of heaven is where nature's splendor meets architectural elegance. \n\nAs we walk through its breathtaking paths, I’d like you all to take a moment to observe the intricate architecture around us—each corner, each delicate detail, meticulously crafted. Karma Kandara is a tribute to the Balinese philosophy of balance between the environment, human beings, and God, aptly manifested through its stunning architectural design.\n\nDo you know Karma Kandara’s architect was inspired by the traditional Balinese interpretation of the universe, reimagining it as a three-tiered cosmos? The resort mirrors this concept, with the hilltop as the domain of the gods, the beach symbolizing the human world, and the ocean denoting the underworld. Now, isn't that a fascinating fusion of culture, mythology, and architecture?\n\nHere, let's take a mini-challenge. Close your eyes for a moment, listen to the harmonious merge of ocean waves and rustling leaves, and try to picture this cosmic trinity in your mind. As you open your eyes, you'll notice how seamlessly the resort seems to blend with nature, almost making it one with the surroundings.\n\nAh, and if you have a keen eye for art, you might notice the local sculptures, subtly tucked away. A little birdie told me they were hand-carved by the local artisans to depict the daily life and folklore of Balinese people. These are the hidden treasures of Karma Kandara that most visitors pass by, unaware of the tales they hold within them.\n\nAs we make our way, let's drop by the restaurant where culinary prowess meets art. High atop the cliff with the ocean as its backdrop, the venue offers not only a gastronomic adventure but also an enriching cultural experience of Bali's best. You have never truly indulged in Balinese cuisine if you haven't tried it at Karma Kandara.\n\nAlright, savour those enchanting views and, once you've taken it all in, signal when you're ready to continue our journey. Our next stop promises equally serene vistas and stories as captivating as Karma Kandara, if not more. So, rekindle your curiosity, freshen up your senses, and let's dive deeper into Balinese art and culture, one landmark at a time."}]},{"address":"Jatiluwih Rice Terraces","placeId":"ChIJ-9cMAqsn0i0RmoPm81-HDy8","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.16380842344756338,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":-8.370308752336582,"longitude":115.13127364999998},"media":[{"type":"place","content":{"place_id":"ChIJ-9cMAqsn0i0RmoPm81-HDy8"}},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, travel enthusiasts, to the next breathtaking stop on our Art and Culture tour – the majestic Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. Did you know these enchanting green expanses of beautifully terraced rice paddies extend for a staggering 600 hectares, offering panoramic views that could rival any Renaissance masterpiece?\n\nEmbroidery of emerald green, as far as the eye can see. Just take a moment to observe these undulating waves of jade, so harmonized with the natural rhythm of the land. Can you imagine the shear artistry, patience, and effort it took to contour these towering slopes into step-like terraces? It's considered a masterpiece of the ancient Balinese agrarian wisdom with a thousand-year-old history.\n\nOur tour is tagged as culinary, city, and architecture, which seems quite fitting. The Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are very much an architectural marvel, a testament to the creativity and industriousness of the Balinese. With a system so efficient and innovative that UNESCO recognised it as a World Heritage site.\n\nImagine the day-to-day life of the local farmer who tends these terraces. Picture how they gracefully balance the folks with their muscular brown arms as they cultivate the rice, descending one terrace at a time bridged by muddy paths and stone steps. They've maintained the cycle for generations, providing the grain that lovingly fills bowls across the city and its cuisine hubs.\n\nI encourage you to stroll the pathways, breathe in the crisp, farm-fresh air. Taste the locals’ life with a refreshing farmer's hat on your head as we continue to discover the heart and soul of Bali. While you're at it, try spotting different bird species; nature here is as vibrant as the local culture.\n\nAs we stand here, soak in the sight of these architecturally brilliant terraces, decorated with shades of green. Those mystical Mount Batukaru crowns the landscape in the distance, peek-a-booing from a veil of mist. An ambiance so soothing, it seems like nature itself decided to try its hand at tranquillity.\n\nThe Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are a real hidden jewel, so in contrast with the lively city of Bali, yet silently contributing to the very essence of Bali's culinary delights. After all, where else could such delicious, soul-warming bowls of Nasi Goreng originate from! Yes, the very rice dancing before your eyes.\n\nOnce you've taken in the serene beauty and unrivalled peace Jatiluwih offers, signal when you're ready to continue our journey. There is so much more art, culture, and cuisine to explore in this wonderful city. I promise you, this Bali adventure is just beginning! Now let's etch these striking views into our memories before we continue the exploration.\n\n"}]},{"address":"Besakih Great Temple","placeId":"ChIJt7JIN74c0i0RSrvRjHk5_As","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.16380842344756338,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":-8.373772406717558,"longitude":115.45189610000003},"media":[{"type":"place","content":{"place_id":"ChIJt7JIN74c0i0RSrvRjHk5_As"}},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, dear art and culture aficionados, to the majestic Besakih Great Temple. Can you feel the spiritual energy that permeates through these hallowed grounds? As we stand here, we are at the center of spirituality and culture in Bali, a place revered as the 'Mother Temple' of the island. \n\nOur fascinating journey into Art and Culture, laced with an intriguing dash of the culinary, brings us to this divine spot. Besakih Great Temple, an architectural marvel constructed on the slopes of Mount Agung, is more than a thousand years old. Can you envisage the generations upon generations standing on this very ground, finding solace and wisdom as we do today?\n\nEveryone, take a moment to observe the breathtaking panoramic views of mountains, hills, rice paddies, and streams that unfold from this clifftop perch. And while you soak in the vista, let me transport you back to its origins. Constructed in the 8th century, this grand temple is not just one, but an intricate complex of 23 separate but related temples. Can you imagine the formidable task of conceptualizing and creating such a marvel in those times?\n\nHere's a challenge for you – look around and try to spot the symbolic seven-tiered meru, or tower, dedicated to the god Shiva. The meticulousness and devotion encapsulated in each detail here is a testament to the Balinese spirit. \n\nWhat makes the charm of Besakih Great Temple multi-fold are the countless ceremonies that inject life, color, and music into its aged stones every year. As we venture deeper, you might notice altars adorned with offerings of flowers, food, and even elaborate meals. A reflection of Balinese Hindu beliefs and their culinary soul.\n\nNo textbook or online article can adequately convey the splendor and tranquility of this grand temple. It's the subtle impressions, the way the cool mountain breeze gently carries the scent of incense, or the awe-inducing sight of the Mother Temple standing tall against the backdrop of Mount Agung, that make each visit memorable. \n\nOnce you've taken in all the magnificence, please signal when you're ready to continue our shared adventure into the heart of Balinese culture. As KarmaKandara, your guide and friend, I promise you, this journey will resonate long after we take our last steps together. Just imagine what magic awaits at our next stop!"}]}]
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Meet Your Guide
Karma Kandara

Karma Kandara unveils the best of Bali from its luxurious clifftop perch. Experience unparalleled views, exquisite dining, and direct beach access. Discover Bali's finest with us.

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