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[{"address":"2152 Lexington Ave","placeId":null,"location":{"longitudeDelta":0.10879583846235917,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":38.4708834294171,"longitude":-82.63589851521034},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"Ladies and Gentlemen, plant enthusiasts and nature lovers, welcome to the first stop on our Central Park Trail Tree Tour, 2152 Lexington Ave. Did you know that this very location holds some of the oldest living organisms in our city? Bright eyes peeled, and sunny minds open, let's dive into the green grandeur awaiting us.\n\nFor those of you passionate about history, this particular spot on Lexington Ave gives us a symphony of shades and stories. As we stand here, take a moment to gaze at the fluttering leaves overhead. Their ancestors have witnessed the footprints of Ashland's settlers, resonating with tales of their survival and perseverance.\n\nAmong these veined veterans is the majestic White Oak, which has silently stood its ground for more than a century. Think it's just an ordinary tree? Well, don't judge a tree by its bark. This particular tree has lived through the construction of the first buildings on Lexington Ave and the upswing of Ashland into the vibrant city it is today. \n\nChildren, for those of you with a knack for counting, try to count the number of rings on the cross-section of that fallen limb next to the oak. Every ring symbolizes a year in the life of that tree. I'll let you in on a secret - last I counted, there were over 110! \n\nAs for the runners amongst us, have you ever noticed how your steps feel different here? The ground beneath us is part of the ancient \"Lexis\" soil series, known for its superior drainage and support for tree growth. So, the fact you're feeling those springy steps is all thanks to our leafy friends.\n\nLook around us, nature really does connect us all, doesn't it? The trees towering above us exist in harmony, inadvertently shaping the history, culture, and even science around them. Their roots have penetrated deep, not just into the ground, but into the very fabric of Ashland.\n\nOnce you have absorbed the beauty and the richness of history here at 2152 Lexington Ave, do take a moment to feel the rough bark, smell the green leaves, and listen to the quiet whispers of the wind in the trees. It's an experience that just can't be Googled.\n\nAnd when you're ready, when you've savored the last of those whispers, signal to me. Together, we will move on to the next hidden gem on our Central Park Trail Tree Tour. Trust me, the best is yet to come!"}]},{"address":"King's Daughters Medical Center Heliport","placeId":"ChIJccc4qTF0RogRuMVeKO6B978","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.10879583846235917,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":38.471092238760036,"longitude":-82.63583510277368},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you for continuing this journey on our Central Park Trail Tree Tour. Let's diverge a bit from our nature route and land at our next site, the King's Daughters Medical Center Heliport. Did you know this heliport provides critical lifeline services for the surrounding communities?\n\nThis might leave you pondering, \"How does a heliport fit into our nature stroll?\" Just bear with me. You see, whether we admit it or not, humans are a part of this grand theatre we call nature. We shape and, in return, are shaped by our surroundings. This heliport's presence means that should any medical emergencies arise in our green tour, help is just a stone's throw away.\n\nAs we stand here, imagine the high-speed chopper lifting off or descending, acting as the modern-day guardian angel for those in need. Picture what kind of courage it takes for the paramedic team to face and respond to the undisclosed emergencies each call holds. Now that's a heroic version of connecting people for a healthier planet, wouldn’t you agree?\n\nLet's make this stop a bit more interactive, shall we? Look around you and see if you can spot the windsock. Yes, that orange and white conical bag. It's not just a decoration. Pilots use it to judge wind speed and direction, crucial information for safe takeoffs and landings.\n\nYou might not find this in an online search: underneath this heliport, there's a three-level basement structure providing the foundation. It's hidden from view but instrumental in the functioning of the heliport.\n\nWe've got a tiny challenge coming up for the youngsters in our group. Can you spot anyone in the operator's booth? Give them a big wave when you do. They're part of the unsung heroes behind the scenes making this service run smoothly.\n\nBefore we move along, take a moment. Just look around us one more time. We're in the heart of a life-saving network integrated seamlessly within our natural surroundings. A manifestation of human resilience and innovation alongside nature’s grandeur. \n\nNow that you've taken it all in, wipe the mesmerized look off your face and prepare to move to our next stop. When you're all set, we'll continue our journey, bringing closer both the human-made and the natural wonders of Ashland."}]},{"address":"Aleia Blackrose Art","placeId":"ChIJr9RRqP51RogRIXzIoXQnwVs","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.10879583846235917,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":38.47123923586735,"longitude":-82.63572781441309},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our next wondrous stop! Have you ever seen how an artist blends the world of natural and spiritual into a sublime tapestry? That's exactly what we're about to explore at the Aleia Blackrose Art!\n\nAs we trek through the enchanting trails of Central Park, let's pause and admire the display of artistry that enfolds the splendor of nature and the woven intricacies of culture like a compelling narrative. This spot, dear friends, is where art, nature, and spiritualism harmonize in perfect symphony.\n\nAleia Blackrose, the artist we credit for these works, envisages art as a conduit of energy from the cosmos. As we stand here, allow your senses to absorb the profound interplay of the elements.\n\nLook around you; whether it's the intricate florals that seem to sway with the trees or the stunning spiritual echoes that seem to resonate with the rustle of leaves, every artwork here pays homage to the unseen symphony of nature. How wondrous is that? \n\nWho here loves a good backstory? Well, the creation of Aleia Blackrose Art is nothing short of inspiring! Aleia started painting as a young girl, taking inspiration from her grandmother's lush garden. She crafted her visions into profound pieces of art, turning heartfelt emotions into tangible creations. Her artworks, dear friends, are like diary entries mapping her enchanting journey. \n\nLet's make this stop a little more interactive, shall we? Look out for the painting named 'Emerging Light'. Does anyone see it? As you observe, you'll notice a mystical fusion of petals and light. Can you count the number of petals? What do they signify to each of you? There you go! Art to Aleia is very personal, yet universally resonant.Coming here is like tapping into a collective consciousness. \n\nJust look around us! Do you see the butterfly motif reoccurring in many pieces? Did you know that butterflies are profound symbols of transformation to Aleia? Indeed, every artwork of hers hides a small secret waiting to be unfolded by the audience. These boolean gems pave our path in understanding the symbiosis between humans and their environment.\n\nOnce you've taken it all in, we'll move on to continue our journey, adorning our path with stories, immersed under the shade of majestic trees, unveiling the fascinating revelations of our surrounding plants. So, signal when you're ready. Just remember, we're not just exploring trails but walking through a woven narrative of art, culture, nature, and history — a blend only Central Park Trail can offer!"}]},{"address":"Aleia Blackrose Art","placeId":"ChIJr9RRqP51RogRIXzIoXQnwVs","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.10879583846235917,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":38.47128963480658,"longitude":-82.63595848438837},"media":[]}]
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Meet Your Guide
Elizabeth Burge
United States

Connecting people and plants for a healthier planet.

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