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[{"address":"Grillin Me Softly GmbH (Büro)","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.146196267727625,"longitude":11.570619250000016},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Grillin Me Softly GmbH (Büro) , Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F6.jpg?alt=media&token=0a32b229-1a4e-441a-8daa-f7f3f87eed7e"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Grillin Me Softly GmbH! Are you ready to indulge in some scrumptious Bavarian cuisine? I bet you didn't know that Munich is home to some of the best food in the world, hence the reason for this culinary tour.\n\nAs we stand in front of Grillin Me Softly, let me tell you a little bit about its history. This establishment was founded by a local Bavarian chef who wanted to put a contemporary twist on traditional Bavarian cuisine, and boy did they succeed! As a foodie myself, I was blown away by the deliciousness of the dishes served here.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F66.jpg?alt=media&token=2e6033b2-2322-44a9-b313-3a01108f63cb"},{"type":"text","content":"Grillin Me Softly GmbH is a perfect representation of Bavarian cuisine's diversity and modern edge. From the perfectly grilled sausages to the expertly crafted veggie burgers, this place truly has something for everyone. As famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said,"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"He who does not know foreign languages does not know anything about his own\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"and this applies to cuisine as well!\n\nI personally recommend trying the local, Bavarian-style pretzels, which are a must-try while in Munich. In addition, keep an eye out for their special deals and discounts, exclusive to our tour participants.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F666.jpg?alt=media&token=aae86da6-cf71-405d-becd-d18068ce6ed4"},{"type":"text","content":"I know how tempting it can be to just order your food to-go and continue on your tour, but I urge you to take your time here. Explore the restaurant, immerse yourself in the ambiance, and take a deep breath in as you sit down to the delicious feast that awaits you.\n\nWhen you're done here, let me know, and we'll head on over to our next destination. Bon appétit!\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening hours:\nMonday 11:30 am–1:30 pm\nTuesday 11:30 am–1:30 pm\nWednesday 11:30 am–1:30 pm\nThursday 11:30 am–1:30 pm\nFriday 11:30 am–1:30 pm\nSaturday Closed\nSunday Closed"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website","content":"https://grillin.me/"}]},{"address":"Schumann's","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.14398666772625,"longitude":11.578632349999992},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Schumann's, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F333.jpg?alt=media&token=3782b690-5764-40b1-8962-985ab7eef956"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, foodies! Are you ready to explore Munich's food scene with me? My name is Emmi, and I'm excited to be your local tour guide for the day.\n\nOk, we've arrived at our next stop - Grillin Me Softly! I bet you didn't know that this food truck has a reputation for serving up some of the best grilled meats in Munich. As famous chef Jamie Oliver once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And let me tell you, the meat at Grillin Me Softly will have you believing in world peace in no time.\n\nBut before we dive into the delicious food, let's take a moment to appreciate the location. In front of us is a bustling urban square that perfectly encapsulates Munich's unique blend of old and new. Take a look around and you'll see impressive modern architecture standing alongside traditional Bavarian buildings. It's a perfect example of Munich's vibrant and progressive culture.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F3.jpg?alt=media&token=4903fc28-c682-4394-80d4-75e49b63ef45"},{"type":"text","content":"Now, let's talk about the food. As you savor the mouthwatering aromas coming from the truck, you'll quickly understand why this stop is a staple of our culinary tour. The grill masters here have a deep love for cooking and use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Every bite is a burst of flavor that will transport you to a Bavarian barbecue paradise.\n\nBut here's a little secret I'll let you in on. The real gem of Grillin Me Softly is the secret sauce that accompanies every dish. It's a closely guarded family recipe that has been handed down for generations. And lucky for you, they're offering a discount exclusively for our tour group! So make sure to try their signature dish with the secret sauce.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F33.jpg?alt=media&token=f23ce343-26d7-4fbf-b0fb-2636724aa329"},{"type":"text","content":"If you're a meat lover, this stop is definitely for you. But if you're looking for a vegetarian option, don't worry, they also offer delicious vegetarian dishes that are just as flavorful. And if you're feeling adventurous, take a walk around the square and see what other food options are available.\n\nOk, take your time, savor the flavors and enjoy the views, but when you're ready, let's move on to our next culinary adventure.\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nMonday 9 am–2 am\nTuesday 9 am–2 am\nWednesday 9 am–2 am\nThursday9 am–2 am\nFriday 9 am–2 am\nSaturday Closed\nSunday 5 pm–2 am"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website","content":"https://schumanns.de/en/index.html"}]},{"address":"Cotidiano Promenadeplatz -München","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.140094917723815,"longitude":11.570277749999978},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Cotidiano Promenadeplatz –München, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F111.jpg?alt=media&token=cebb48bc-2477-4d04-9ca1-cc825b50dab4"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, my fellow food enthusiasts, to our next stop on this delectable journey through Munich! As we step into the charming streets of the city, our next destination holds a delicious surprise that will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds.\n\nImagine a place where the aroma of freshly baked bread caresses your senses, where the clinking of coffee cups creates a symphony of delight, and where the ambiance exudes an air of European chic. Yes, my friends, welcome to Cotidiano Promenadeplatz - München.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F1.jpg?alt=media&token=d38306ed-28f3-42fa-b4b1-91334201c1a0"},{"type":"text","content":"Now, let me share with you a little secret about this hidden gem. Did you know that Cotidiano is not just a place to savor mouthwatering bites but is also a testament to architectural brilliance? Designed by the renowned architect, Matteo Thun, this café captures the essence of contemporary design with a touch of Bavarian charm.\n\nAs we stand here in this vibrant space, take a moment to gaze at the exquisite interior. Notice the meticulous attention to detail, the harmonious blend of warm wood finishes and sleek modern furniture. It's as if every element has been carefully curated to create a haven for culinary enthusiasts like us.\n\nNow, I encourage you to embark on a little exploration. This place is not just about satisfying our taste buds, but also about immersing ourselves in the local culture. Strike up a conversation with the friendly baristas and locals around you, and you'll discover a wealth of insider knowledge, from the best spots for shopping to the most picturesque hiking trails in the area.\n\nOf course, no visit to Cotidiano would be complete without indulging in their delectable treats. Treat yourself to their signature Bavarian pastries, paired with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Trust me, my fellow food lovers, this experience will leave you with a newfound appreciation for Munich's culinary scene.\n\nBut wait, there's more! Beyond the gastronomic delights, Cotidiano Promenadeplatz - München is also famous for its role in the city's history. Over the years, it has witnessed countless significant moments, serving as a meeting place for artists, thinkers, and locals alike. Can you sense the energy, the vivacity of the conversations that have taken place within these walls?\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F11.jpg?alt=media&token=c4be8151-4001-42a9-9011-a470dfb98bd9"},{"type":"text","content":"As you savor your last bite and sip of coffee, take a moment to absorb the atmosphere around you. Notice the laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the warm smiles on people's faces. This is the spirit of Munich – thriving, vibrant, and always ready to welcome you with open arms.\n\nOnce you've taken it all in, we'll move on to the next stop on our culinary adventure. But before we do, let me remind you to capture these precious moments with your cameras, for memories are meant to be cherished and shared.\n\nSo, my fellow food explorers, signal when you're ready to continue our journey, and we'll uncover the next hidden treasure that Munich has to offer. Prepare your taste buds, for our culinary expedition is just getting started!\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nSaturday 8 am–10 pm\nSunday 8 am–6 pm\nMonday 8 am–10 pm\nTuesday 8 am–10 pm\nWednesday 8 am–10 pm\nThursday 8 am–10 pm\nFriday 8 am–10 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"Official Website ","content":"https://www.cotidiano.de/"}]},{"address":"Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.13892681772309,"longitude":11.581524550000006},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F7.jpg?alt=media&token=8e636a75-7c63-4cbb-963b-5d23d49d133d"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant! I bet you didn't know that this is one of the most prestigious places to dine in Munich. As a food lover myself, trust me when I say that this stop is worth the visit.\n\nAs a local, I once heard that this place was frequented by a famous German actor who loved their food so much that he became a regular here. This just goes to show how delightful their cuisine truly is.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F77.jpg?alt=media&token=9eab0817-3fdf-4650-9038-42705fa2c5a2"},{"type":"text","content":"You may want to grab a bite or a drink and have a seat in their outdoor seating area, which offers breathtaking views of Munich's beautiful scenery. Indulge in their mouth-watering menu options and take in the ambiance that's distinctly Bavarian."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F777.jpg?alt=media&token=d1aa50df-f4e6-4b98-b442-e005e28b1a48"},{"type":"text","content":"Take your time and enjoy everything this stop has to offer. When you're ready to move on, we'll make our way to the next stop on our Munich food tour."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening hours:\nMonday 12–11 pm\nTuesday 12–11 pm\nWednesday 12–11 pm\nThursday 12–11 pm\nFriday 12 pm–12 am\nSaturday 12 pm–12 am\nSunday 12–11 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website","content":"https://www.schwarzreiter-muenchen.de/"}]},{"address":"Hofbräuhaus München","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.1376398677223,"longitude":11.57978585000003},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Hofbräuhaus München, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F2.jpg?alt=media&token=ca0e551e-6a8d-4b7c-a9b7-e73ba8504cdc"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Hofbräuhaus München! I hope you're ready to experience the heart of Bavarian culture.\n\nDid you know that the brewery here has been in operation since 1589, making it one of the oldest breweries in the world? That's almost 450 years of brewing some of the best beer in all of Germany!\n\nAs famous author Mark Twain once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"Munich loves its beer\".**"},{"type":"text","content":"Well, I couldn't agree more. This stop is not just any brewery, it's an institution where locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy some of the world's best beer. So let's raise our glasses and cheers to the unique Bavarian brewing tradition that can be traced back for centuries."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F22.jpg?alt=media&token=bbc93d7f-ae55-49ea-9428-7a5441b5fa26"},{"type":"text","content":"As we stand here surrounded by the sound of raucous laughter and clanking of heavy steins, take a moment to observe the architecture around you. The décor of this restaurant is a striking reminder of Munich's rich history. Brewhouse tanks line the walls, and traditional Bavarian murals adorn the ceilings. This stop is not only a must-visit for beer lovers, but also a destination for those interested in Munich's vibrant culture and heritage.\n\nI want you to soak up the atmosphere and interact with the environment. Interact with the locals that you see around you, and if you strike up a conversation, who knows maybe they’ll tell you a secret or two about the brewery that most people don't know.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F222.jpg?alt=media&token=636b27f0-a80d-42ea-befd-ed9ad49b692a"},{"type":"text","content":"Before we move onto the next stop, be sure to take a moment to breathe in the distinct aroma of hops and malts, and of course, sip on some of their delicious and traditional Bavarian beer.\n\nOk if you're done here, let's move on and continue the rest of our journey through Munich. But remember, there’s no rush take your time and soak up all that this city has to offer.\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening hours:\nMonday 11 am–12 am\nTuesday 11 am–12 am\nWednesday 11 am–12 am\nThursday 11 am–12 am\nFriday 11 am–12 am\nSaturday 11 am–12 am\nSunday 11 am–12 am"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website","content":"https://www.hofbraeuhaus.de/en/welcome.html"}]},{"address":"Alis SUPERFOOD","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.136787517721736,"longitude":11.576742649999993},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Alis SUPERFOOD, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F4.jpg?alt=media&token=04df4273-3d65-4502-9176-e57b89c9cb5d"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, and congratulations! You have stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets in Munich. You are standing in front of Alis SUPERFOOD, a hidden gem that offers an array of delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan options that are bound to satisfy all your cravings.\n\nDid you know that Alis SUPERFOOD is one of the few places in Munich that offers vegan and vegetarian options that are both tasty and healthy? As a food lover and a longtime resident of Munich, I can tell you that it's not easy to find such places in this city.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2Foliva-feinkost-image-orig.jpg?alt=media&token=301716b1-aa40-4347-8562-0ff5f20b640e"},{"type":"text","content":"I once heard someone describe Alis SUPERFOOD as"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"a heaven for healthy eaters.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And I couldn't agree more. Their salads, wraps, smoothies, and juices are not only incredibly tasty, but they are also packed with all the right nutrients that your body needs."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F444.jpg?alt=media&token=0517e387-43b6-4250-8777-3ece3b110110"},{"type":"text","content":"Now, before you move on to the next stop on our tour, I want to encourage you to take your time at Alis SUPERFOOD. Sit back, relax, and indulge in some of the healthiest and most delicious food that Munich has to offer. Trust me, your body will thank you for it!"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening hours:\nMonday 10 am–8 pm\nTuesday 10 am–8 pm\nWednesday 10 am–8 pm\nThursday 10 am–8 pm\nFriday 10 am–8 pm\nSaturday 10 am–8 pm\nSunday Closed"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website ","content":"https://alissuperfood.com/"}]},{"address":"Ruff's Burger Marienplatz","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.136017917721276,"longitude":11.574372049999972},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Ruff's Burger Marienplatz, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2Fruff-s-burger.jpg?alt=media&token=a3861cb5-9947-4934-accb-f1ef8336c739"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Ruff's Burger Marienplatz! Have you ever wondered what it's like to eat a burger in the heart of Munich's bustling Marienplatz? Well, you're about to find out! As a self-proclaimed foodie, I couldn't wait to show you this stop on our culinary tour.\n\nRuff's Burger Marienplatz may sound like just another burger joint, but let me tell you, it's something special. As Chef Julia Child once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And here at Ruff's, I promise you won't be waiting long for that steak (or burger) to cook!"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F5.jpg?alt=media&token=7c627d23-3ad8-4920-b681-e8057afa8fe9"},{"type":"text","content":"Let me tell you a little secret. In my humble opinion, Ruff's Burger Marienplatz has the best burger in all of Munich. They're known for their high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, and their creative toppings. I mean, who doesn't love a burger topped with sauerkraut and a side of crispy fries? This stop is truly a hidden gem, and I'm so excited for you to try it.\n\nNow, here's where the interactive part comes in. As you look around, I want you to take in the hustle and bustle of Marienplatz. Smell the delicious burgers sizzling on the grill, feel the energy of the crowd, and hear the sounds of the street performers nearby. Take your time and really soak it all in.\n\nAnd when you're ready, head into Ruff's Burger Marienplatz and enjoy a delicious burger that is truly one-of-a-kind. Trust me, your taste buds won't regret it!\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F55.jpg?alt=media&token=c0b2ecfb-fb42-44e7-a52b-e2668e28419a"},{"type":"text","content":"Alright, if you're done here, let's move on to the next stop on our tour. But don't worry, there's plenty more delicious food to discover in this wonderful city!"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening hours:\nMonday 11 am–9 pm\nTuesday 11 am–9 pm\nWednesday 11 am–9 pm\nThursday 11 am–9 pm\nFriday 11 am–9 pm\nSaturday 11 am–9 pm\nSunday 12–9 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"official website","content":"https://www.ruffsburger.de/"}]},{"address":"Wurstimbiss Teltschik","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":48.134764267720534,"longitude":11.575663150000004},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Wurstimbiss Teltschik, Munich, Germany**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F22.jpg?alt=media&token=d61d9c18-ad5b-4b57-ba42-dd9c6b3ce50e"},{"type":"text","content":"As we stand here at the next stop on our culinary journey through Munich, Germany, I have a question for you: Have you ever found a hidden gem that makes your taste buds dance with joy? Well, get ready to experience just that at Wurstimbiss Teltschik!\n\nNow, Wurstimbiss Teltschik may not be as famous as some of the other culinary spots in Munich, but let me tell you, it's a true hidden treasure. Tucked away in a quiet corner, this cozy little sausage stand has been serving up mouthwatering Bavarian wursts for over 50 years. And let me tell you, their sausages are not to be missed!\n\nBut what makes Wurstimbiss Teltschik truly unique is not just the taste of their sausages, but the secret behind their recipe. Legend has it that the original owner, Herr Teltschik, discovered the perfect blend of spices after years of experimenting with different combinations. The secret recipe has been passed down through generations, and today, only a select few know the special ingredients that make these sausages so irresistible.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F2.jpg?alt=media&token=20b76275-4279-43e2-9b21-82ec9747c6e6"},{"type":"text","content":"Just look around us, my fellow food lovers. Can you smell that mouthwatering aroma wafting through the air? It's the sizzle of sausages on the grill, the tantalizing scent of spices filling the atmosphere. Your taste buds are about to embark on a flavor adventure unlike any other.\n\nNow, to truly appreciate the magic of Wurstimbiss Teltschik, I challenge you to take a bite of their famous Currywurst. This iconic German dish combines the smokiness of grilled sausages with a zesty curry ketchup, creating a deliciously addictive flavor explosion. Trust me, once you've tasted it, you'll understand why it's a favorite among locals and visitors alike.\n\nBut here's the best part: Wurstimbiss Teltschik isn't just about the sausages. They also offer a delightful selection of traditional Bavarian sides. From crispy golden fries to a tangy sauerkraut, every bite is a symphony of flavors that will transport you to the heart of Munich's culinary scene.\n\nAnd here's a little insider tip for you, my friends. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, why not try their Leberkäse sandwich? This Bavarian specialty is a type of meatloaf served on a bun, topped with sweet mustard and onions. It may sound simple, but the combination of flavors is absolutely divine.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2F1DMjVERcGg0ZfNJrJhv0%2F222.jpg?alt=media&token=8b434891-7eb3-4fe9-9870-00dee46dc6ac"},{"type":"text","content":"So, my fellow food explorers, as you savor each bite at Wurstimbiss Teltschik, take a moment to appreciate the history and craftsmanship that goes into every sausage. Let the flavors dance on your tongue, and allow yourself to be transported to a world of culinary delights.\n\nOnce you've taken it all in, signal when you're ready to continue our journey through the culinary wonders of Munich. The next stop will surely leave you craving for more delectable treats. So, let's embark on the next chapter of our food adventure!\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nMonday Closed\nTuesday 10 am–3 pm\nWednesday 10 am–3 pm\nThursday Closed\nFriday 10 am–3 pm\nSaturday 9 am–3 pm\nSunday Closed"},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/gP1cSNzVVMezT16u6"}]}]
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Meet Your Guide
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Hi, I live to travel and love to show others all the unique places I've visited.

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