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[{"address":"KimchiToGo","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":59.92499267742251,"longitude":30.320864549999982},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **KimchiToGo: Saint Petersburg's Korean Delights**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F3.jpg?alt=media&token=d66ab7c7-33dd-4ae1-8930-2c114e007be5"},{"type":"text","content":"Hello and welcome to KimchiToGo, I'm so thrilled you've made it to this stop on our tour. I bet you didn't know that Saint Petersburg has a rich Korean community, and this eatery is a testament to their culinary heritage and fusion with Russian cuisine."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F33.jpg?alt=media&token=0c56acc7-8756-4e2e-a986-451a8f5b6274"},{"type":"text","content":"As I lead you through this tour I want to share my insider knowledge and personal experiences with you, and this stop has a special place in my heart. I still remember the first time I had Korean cuisine here, the spicy and savory flavors of the Kimchi Stew and Bibimbap blew my taste buds away!\n\nNow, look around and take in the mouthwatering smells and colorful atmosphere of KimchiToGo. What makes it so unique and special is not only the fusion cuisine but the friendly staff that treat everyone like family. They are always ready to recommend dishes and share stories about the community and history behind their dishes.\n\nAnd if you're looking for a great deal, don't hesitate to mention our tour for a special discount on your meal. It's important to support local, family-owned businesses like KimchiToGo and help them thrive in our vibrant city.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F333.jpg?alt=media&token=82b27a00-df62-4070-9049-766f0af64c32"},{"type":"text","content":"Now that you've experienced the flavors and ambiance of KimchiToGo, let's move on to our next stop. Take your time and enjoy the rest of the tour at your own pace. Looking forward to continuing the culinary journey with you!"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening hours:\nSunday 10 am–10 pm\nMonday 10 am–10 pm\nTuesday 10 am–10 pm\nWednesday 10 am–10 pm\nThursday 10 am–10 pm\nFriday 10 am–10 pm\nSaturday 10 am–10 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"About","content":"https://www.instagram.com/kimchi.togo/"}]},{"address":"Vaffel & Wine","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":59.9288835774268,"longitude":30.321197400000024},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Vaffel & Wine: Saint Petersburg's Delightful Pairing**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F2.jpg?alt=media&token=a82cfb3c-2072-46bf-bc0f-3b3b02a69861"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Vaffel & Wine, an absolute gem in the heart of Saint Petersburg! As Emmi, your local tour guide, I bet you didn't know that this stop is home to the city's best waffles, and I'm not sugarcoating it!\n\nAs a foodie, I personally recommend trying the cinnamon waffles, and don't forget to wash it down with a refreshing glass of Russian wine, absolute perfection!\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F22.jpg?alt=media&token=c16774ea-fb39-4ac9-accc-25cb6c30fb9d"},{"type":"text","content":"But wait, there's more! As they say,"},{"type":"text","content":" **\"food is not just fuel, it's information,\"** "},{"type":"text","content":"this stop has an incredibly rich history embedded in its surroundings. Did you know that this area used to be known as the \"Flower Garden\" in the 18th and 19th centuries? It was a beloved spot where members of the nobility would come to enjoy flowers and tea.\n\nAs you taste your waffles and wine, take a moment to look around and admire the beautiful architecture and charming outlook that the neighborhood has to offer. Vaffel & Wine's location offers a cozy and warm atmosphere that complements the lacework rooftops and the pastel-colored walls of the surrounding historical buildings.\n\nNow that you have indulged your sweet tooth, take a moment to enjoy the vibrant energy of Saint Petersburg's bustling streets. Whenever you're ready to continue our journey, we can move to our next stop, which is only a short walk away.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F222.jpg?alt=media&token=6ef0acea-9eed-4721-acba-2c798124c1c9"},{"type":"text","content":"See, there is a lot to absorb at this stop, so take your time, enjoy your wine, and let me know when you're ready to continue exploring our exciting city."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nSunday 10 am–11 pm\nMonday 10 am–11 pm\nTuesday 10 am–11 pm\nWednesday 10 am–11 pm\nThursday 10 am–11 pm\nFriday 10 am–11 pm\nSaturday 10 am–11 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/7sMSRzKqFMakC8n6A"}]},{"address":"Bekitzer","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15673976727628017,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":59.926732927424446,"longitude":30.34263130000001},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Bekitzer: Saint Petersburg's Spirited Delight**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F1.jpg?alt=media&token=05d3abc1-91b1-4a8f-92f9-fd28d5e4f92e"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Bekitzer! I bet you didn't know that this stop is a hidden gem of Saint Petersburg. As we stand here, take a look around and notice the vibrant street art adorning the walls of this unique neighborhood.\n\nOne of my favorite things about Bekitzer is the energy here, it's lively and electric. As the famous artist, Banksy once said, "},{"type":"text","content":"**\"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.\"** "},{"type":"text","content":"The street art here certainly does just that.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F11.jpg?alt=media&token=c085ffd2-2e34-4f26-8006-9aadb746bc5d"},{"type":"text","content":"This stop is perfect if you're looking for something off the beaten path. Bekitzer is known for its incredible selection of craft beers and cozy, little bars. Relax with friends and take in the atmosphere. Plus, they have some amazing bites too!\n\nIf you take a closer look at the walls around here, you'll see there are stories embedded in the strokes and colors of the artwork. I once met a local artist here, who told me that what makes this place special is that every mural has a story behind it. From tales of love and heartbreak to political statements and social commentaries, this neighborhood has it all.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F111.jpg?alt=media&token=ac685093-ab4f-4c22-9923-563facd87c7a"},{"type":"text","content":"Take your time exploring Bekitzer, and if you're looking for some insider tips on where to find the best drinks or a secret spot to see more street art, just ask me!\n\nOk if you are done here, let's move on to the next stop on our culinary journey.\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nSunday 10 am–6 am\nMonday 10 am–2 am\nTuesday 10 am–2 am\nWednesday 10 am–2 am\nThursday 10 am–2 am\nFriday 10 am–6 am\nSaturday 10 am–6 am"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website","content":"http://bekitzer.ru/"}]},{"address":"PITA'S Невский 65","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":59.93185087743012,"longitude":30.353334300000007},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **PITA'S Невский 65: Middle Eastern Delicacies**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F44.jpg?alt=media&token=384ca9f5-0cb1-4eef-aab9-254b1a241dc1"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to PITA's Невский 65, I'm your local tour guide Emmi and I'm excited to show you this hidden gem in the heart of Saint Petersburg. Did you know that PITA's Невский 65 is not just your average bakery? This place is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. It is a unique combination of Middle Eastern and Russian flavors that will surely surprise your taste buds."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F4.jpg?alt=media&token=71ffd49c-ddd1-4726-98db-51bee42a517c"},{"type":"text","content":"As the famous culinary expert Julia Child once said, "},{"type":"text","content":"**\"People who love to eat are always the best people\",** "},{"type":"text","content":"and that's what this tour is all about, discovering the finest flavors the city has to offer. The moment you enter PITA's bakery, you'll be greeted with the aroma of freshly baked bread. I once heard someone describe this bakery as a delightful collision of flavors, cultures, and traditions. A place where East meets West, and the result is pure deliciousness.\n\nHere at PITA's bakery, you'll be able to indulge in some of the finest Middle Eastern and Russian pastries, and explore an authentic mix of traditional and unique flavors. I'll be honest, their Za'atar Manakeesh is my personal favorite, but don't just take my word for it. Try everything, and let your taste buds do the talking.\n\nWhat makes PITA's bakery so special is that they use only the finest and freshest ingredients. They are a firm believer in sustainability and strive to source their food locally. This stop is more than just a bakery; it is a cultural and culinary experience that you don't want to miss.\n\nI encourage you to interact with the environment, talk to the friendly staff, and share your personal experiences with us. Take a moment to immerse yourself in this delightful stop and savor the flavors.\n\nNow, if you are done here, let's move to the next stop on our tour, but before you go, don't forget to grab a pastry or two for the road. After all, food is the best souvenir you can take home with you.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F444.jpg?alt=media&token=46c6fe7f-35f3-4a7e-aaec-a65cb198fbad"},{"type":"text","content":"Enjoy the rest of your tour, and if you have any questions or need any recommendations, don't hesitate to ask me. Have fun exploring!"},{"type":"text","content":"opening Hours:\nSunday 11 am–11 pm\nMonday 11 am–11 pm\nTuesday 11 am–11 pm\nWednesday 11 am–11 pm\nThursday 11 am–11 pm\nFriday 11 am–11 pm\nSaturday 11 am–11 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/rzUUcAxAJ8N1M5j6A"}]},{"address":"Byuro","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":59.93580087743445,"longitude":30.35583144999999},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Byuro: Saint Petersburg's Culinary Innovation**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F5.jpg?alt=media&token=64ce8d8e-141b-489b-9165-582abc776232"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to our stop here at Byuro! I'm your local tour guide and I'm thrilled to be showing you around. Have you ever wondered what it's like to stand in the footsteps of history? Well, you're in luck because Byuro has quite the story to tell."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F55.jpg?alt=media&token=02b11b3a-25e0-4c6c-85ae-852daa2df7fe"},{"type":"text","content":"As [famous person] once said,"},{"type":"text","content":"**'History is written by the victors',**"},{"type":"text","content":"and that couldn't be truer for Byuro. This tiny little building may not look that impressive, but it was once the headquarters for the Soviet secret police during the time of Stalin's rule. Just imagine, right in front of us, a building that held some of the most secretive and controversial operations in Soviet history.\n\nBut Byuro isn't just about its dark history. Take a look around and you'll see that it's located in one of the most vibrant and bustling parts of the city. As you explore the streets, you'll feel the energy that comes from the numerous cultural and artistic movements that call this area home. I once heard someone describe Byuro as the perfect blend of history, culture, and creativity, and I couldn't agree more.\n\nBut don't just take my word for it, go ahead and explore for yourself! Take a stroll down the brightly lit streets and pop into a local cafe for a cup of tea or a bite to eat. You never know what interesting people you might meet along the way. And before you move on to the next stop, be sure to ask me about the discounts and special deals that only the locals know about.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F555.jpg?alt=media&token=b53353c7-db8d-4366-ba8c-1e8fb03aa459"},{"type":"text","content":"So take your time and soak up the fascinating history and vibrant energy of Byuro. And remember, this is just one stop on our fantastic culinary journey through Saint Petersburg, Russia. When you're ready, let's move on to our next destination!"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nSunday 12 pm–1 am\nMonday 12 pm–1 am\nTuesday 12 pm–1 am\nWednesday 12 pm–1 am\nThursday 12 pm–1 am\nFriday 12 pm–2:30 am\nSaturday 12 pm–2:30 am"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website ","content":"https://barbureau.ru/"}]},{"address":"Bros Burritos","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.15489577001420626,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":59.94187637744118,"longitude":30.345403000000005},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Bros Burritos: Flavorful Mexicana in Saint Petersburg**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F6.jpg?alt=media&token=b987ef31-4673-4f5f-8dbf-8504f4162e03"},{"type":"text","content":"\"Welcome to Bros Burritos! Did you know that this spot is a local favorite for grabbing a quick and delicious bite to eat? As a lover of food myself, I can tell you that these burritos are the real deal. They're big, they're filling, and they're made with fresh ingredients that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F66.jpg?alt=media&token=246868d1-1c45-4dce-bfc0-082538ed85a4"},{"type":"text","content":"As we stand here in front of Bros Burritos, I'm reminded of a saying that goes, "},{"type":"text","content":"**'Good things come in small packages.'** "},{"type":"text","content":"While this spot may not look like much from the outside, I assure you that the flavors inside these burritos are explosive and will leave you craving more.\n\nOne of the unique features of Bros Burritos is that they offer a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options, along with meaty options for those who prefer it. As someone who appreciates options, I love that they cater to all eaters and ensure that everyone leaves satisfied.\n\nAnd, if you're feeling adventurous, I highly recommend trying their house-made hot sauce - it's not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely worth a taste!\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FJgy9wMndwoOiuqmEnBwk%2F666.jpg?alt=media&token=361d98b8-2e7f-471d-b393-9a86911d9bcd"},{"type":"text","content":"Take your time here at Bros Burritos, try a few different options, and soak up the local vibe. If you need any recommendations or have any questions, feel free to ask me. When you're ready, we'll move on to the next stop on our culinary tour through Saint Petersburg.\""},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nSunday 11 am–11 pm\nMonday 11 am–11 pm\nTuesday 11 am–11 pm\nWednesday 11 am–11 pm\nThursday 11 am–11 pm\nFriday 11 am–11:30 pm\nSaturday 11 am–11:30 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"Official website ","content":"https://brosburritos.ru/"}]}]
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Meet Your Guide
Meet Your Guide
Emmi Carlsson

Hi, I live to travel and love to show others all the unique places I've visited.

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