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[{"address":"Anissaras","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.33304088352822,"longitude":25.380382130332936},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Serene Seclusion by Sea!**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F3.jpg?alt=media&token=0dc15718-7ab4-43c9-aeae-4e5ad4688b6b"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to the beautiful stop of Anissaras! Can you believe you are standing in a place where time has stood still for centuries? The allure of Anissaras is a mystery to most, but not to me, and I am thrilled to be your guide to this hidden gem.\n\nDid you know that Anissaras is actually named after the word for \"herbs,\" which were once prolific in this area? The stunning greenery and rolling hills here are what make Anissaras so picturesque. There's a saying that goes,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"The earth laughs in flowers,\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"and I couldn't agree more."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F33.jpg?alt=media&token=cf366c45-3d86-4f3e-b4e2-7640642c39fc"},{"type":"text","content":"But Anissaras isn't just about pretty blooms and lush greenery. This stop holds a special place in my heart because my great grandfather was actually born here! He used to tell me stories about the peaceful way of life and the simplicity of the people who lived here. I have a deep appreciation for the history and heritage of this area, and I'm excited to share that with you today.\n\nBeyond the personal connection and scenic beauty, Anissaras is also home to a vibrant local community, serving up some of the best traditional Cretan dishes on the island. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try the famous \"stamnagathi,\" a wild green unique to Crete that's a real treat for the taste buds.\n\nIn front of us, you'll see a stretch of stunning coastline, and if you follow the sandy beach path to your left, you'll come across a hidden cove where the crystal-clear water meets the shore. It's truly a sight to behold.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F333.jpg?alt=media&token=990c2523-5715-4727-9897-d900b86089a9"},{"type":"text","content":"Take your time to explore Anissaras and feel free to share your own personal stories or hidden gems with me. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this stop, so take your time and let's continue our journey when you're ready."},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/a82hkyYr8AwHKcpEA"}]},{"address":"Hersonissos","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.30996448336681,"longitude":25.367611251944417},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Coastal Bliss in Hersonissos!**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F2.jpg?alt=media&token=54078777-049d-46c0-a304-d5c7f8d0c239"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Hersonissos! I bet you didn't know that this town was once a small fishing village and now it's a popular tourist destination. It's a pleasure to be your local guide for this part of your trip on the 24 Explore the Hidden Gems & Highlights of Heraklion, Greece in a day tour.\n\nAs the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And he was right! Hersonissos is a beautiful and charming coastal town that's perfect for sightseeing and relaxation."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F22.jpg?alt=media&token=211220ad-ed41-499c-bdb7-4b69b34cce5a"},{"type":"text","content":"In front of us is a beautiful promenade filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes. As we walk down this street, I encourage you to take your time and explore the local cuisine and shops - there are so many hidden gems in this area that are worth checking out.\n\nDid you know that the local cuisine here is a mix of Greek and Mediterranean dishes? If you're a foodie like me, you're going to love the freshly made feta cheese, dolmades, and tzatziki sauce that's served in the local restaurants. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!\n\nOne of my favorite memories of this town was taking a morning walk along the beach during sunrise. The sky was filled with hues of pink, purple, and orange, and the gentle sound of the waves was so calming. If you have time, I highly recommend you do the same. It's a breathtaking experience that you won't forget.\n\nNow, let's talk about the real gems in Hersonissos. Behind us is the ancient Roman port, where ships once sailed in from all over the Mediterranean. This port was first used in the Hellenistic period and was then expanded by the Roman Empire. Can you imagine all the history that happened on these very grounds? It's truly amazing.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F222.jpg?alt=media&token=969a5f01-70e1-4e6a-bf5d-8b4ff8f0b09a"},{"type":"text","content":"So, if you're looking for a quiet and unique experience, Hersonissos is definitely the place to be. Take your time and enjoy the beauty of this town. And when you're ready to move on, let's continue our journey to the next stop."},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/wwxqcGXD9c5SQ3Tv9"}]},{"address":"Analipsi Beach","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.33602451125887,"longitude":25.344794250000014},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Sun-Kissed Paradise Awaits!**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F4.jpg?alt=media&token=6e4ff557-825c-49c0-a1f4-c516fc512d2f"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Analipsi Beach! Did you know that this stunning location is known for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery? I bet you didn't know that! As you stand here, you are surrounded by the sparkling colors of the Mediterranean, the gentle lapping of the waves and the warm sun on your skin. You are truly standing in paradise!\n\nAs Audrey Hepburn once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And what I see in your eyes is awe and amazement at the beauty of this place."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F44.jpg?alt=media&token=15910d4b-0851-4d55-aa9b-956cce50d3c8"},{"type":"text","content":"But, there's more to this beach than its natural beauty. Once you've explored the sandy shores and taken a dip in the sea, don't miss the chance to taste some of the local seafood at one of the many restaurants that dot the coastline. As a personal anecdote, I cannot recommend the grilled octopus highly enough! It was a meal to remember.\n\nTake in all that this area has to offer, from the bustling bars and restaurants to the quieter spots where you can truly take a moment to relax. Soak up the rays, feel the sand between your toes, and let the sea wash all your troubles away. This hidden gem is a true paradise waiting to be enjoyed!\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F444.jpg?alt=media&token=b2128854-2f1c-4bdd-88ac-5baef60f214c"},{"type":"text","content":"If you're finished taking in the beauty of Analipsi Beach, feel free to move on to our next stop. But take your time. Let the serenity of this place wash over you. The rest of the tour will be waiting when you're ready!"},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/KAkFFVD29poz3KuV9"}]},{"address":"Gouves","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.31139252770924,"longitude":25.313326637863717},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Idyllic Retreat in Gouves!**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F5.jpg?alt=media&token=3d886faf-28e7-4c2d-8dea-5d459876b350"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome fellow travelers, I’m glad you made it! You’ve chosen the right city to visit if you’re interested in uncovering hidden gems. Did you know that Heraklion has a rich history and is full of surprises that many miss? That's why I'm here, to show you the best that this unique city has to offer. Today we’re exploring Gouves, one of my favorite stops on the tour.\n\nRight in front of us, you can see the beautiful coastline. Do you feel the gentle ocean breeze and smell the salt in the air? Gouves is a small fishing village, and like many other villages in Greece, this one also has a rich history. Can you guess what it is? Well, Gouves is renowned for its ancient olive groves and its olive oil production. Here’s a fun fact; the trees were so precious that stealing or injuring them during wars was prohibited by law. Were you aware of this rich history of olive groves in Greece?\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F55.jpg?alt=media&token=6078bd71-6b5e-475c-890f-e121a6a9f99b"},{"type":"text","content":"As Plato once said,"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"You'll see many olive trees on our walk today, and they are an essential part of Gouves' culture and history. It's an excellent opportunity to try some of the local olive oil and other traditional Greek delicacies made from olives.\n\nBut that’s not all… This stop carries more significance because it hosts the Marina Gouves Hotel, where our very own Anthony Bourdain once stayed. As he put it, \"Drink heavily with locals whenever possible.\"\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F555.jpg?alt=media&token=f5c3ec20-4a69-414a-8976-75600ef7de1c"},{"type":"text","content":"Before you go, take your time to gaze at the coastline and enjoy the breeze. You may even be lucky enough to witness dolphins occasionally jumping out of the water. I hope this guided tour has helped you unlock the hidden secrets that make Gouves unique. Don't forget to take in the beauty of your surroundings and embrace the local culture. There's much to see and experience. If you're ready to continue on your journey, let's move on to the next stop!"},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/xYZCja8PPenbwQmu5"}]},{"address":"Kokkini Hani","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.324953951938035,"longitude":25.259922967637166},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Seaside Bliss in Kokkini Hani**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F6.jpg?alt=media&token=8370e06a-f7b0-4e3a-8803-148a4b09e4b4"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Kokkini Hani! Known for its beautiful beaches and historical landmarks, this stop is a must-see gem on your walking tour of Heraklion. Did you know that the name Kokkini Hani translates to \"red springs\"? It gets its name from natural springs that flow under the red rocks in the area, creating a unique landscape that you won't find anywhere else.\n\nAs you look around, take in the breathtaking views of the endless blue Mediterranean sea and the serene coastline. This is a perfect spot to capture stunning photos with its picturesque scenery. As the sun sets, you'll be mesmerized by the pink and orange hues that melt into the horizon.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F66.jpg?alt=media&token=c8d7c6ba-1462-4c7d-8b35-f416280c4827"},{"type":"text","content":"Fun fact, one of my favorite local stories is that during the Minoan era, Kokkini Hani was an important commercial hub. The ancient Minoans would anchor their ships in the bay and trade goods on the beach. Take a moment to imagine the bustling market and busy port that once occupied this spot.\n\nAs you stroll through the town, indulge in the local cuisine and head to the beach for a refreshing swim. I recommend trying the prawns saganaki, a local dish made with fresh prawns in a delicious tomato and feta sauce. It's the perfect accompaniment to the stunning sea view.\n\nBefore you leave, be sure to stop by the Kokkini Hani aqueduct, a historical landmark that was used to supply water to nearby towns and villages. The aqueduct was built in the early 20th century to solve the water scarcity problem. It's a stunning architectural masterpiece that will take your breath away.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F666.jpg?alt=media&token=09ffd869-57b7-456b-997e-d6670b64a620"},{"type":"text","content":"I hope you enjoy the hidden gems and highlights Kokkini Hani has to offer. Remember to take your time and savor the moment, but when you're ready, let's move on to the next stop on our tour!"},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/iHydUyAXGyUUtAiBA"}]},{"address":"Heraklion Archaeological Museum","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.10572250969223604,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.33886971126003,"longitude":25.13700245000001},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Ancient Treasures Unearthed!**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F1.jpg?alt=media&token=a4bda3bd-df16-418e-8e98-bcace8b6d562"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum! Have you ever wondered what it's like to stand in the footsteps of history? In front of us lies a treasure trove of fascinating artifacts that tell the story of the ancient Minoan civilization, one of the earliest known civilizations in Europe.\n\nAs a lover of history and culture, I am excited to share with you some intimate details about this museum. I bet you didn't know that this museum houses the largest collection of Minoan art and artifacts in the world! Imagine coming face-to-face with objects from a civilization that existed over 4000 years ago.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F11.jpg?alt=media&token=d396c536-eab9-4d0c-9ddc-0c076e811f49"},{"type":"text","content":"As Plato once said,"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"Here in this museum, visitors become history lovers and have the chance to be poets while admiring the artifacts from a civilization once lost and now found.\n\nDid you know that the bull-leaping fresco discovered at the nearby Knossos palace hangs in this very museum? As we explore, take a moment to let your imagination run wild as you listen to the stories and insights of ancient Crete.\n\nThis museum is one of the hidden gems of Heraklion, filled with unique treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Take your time exploring, and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the museum.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F111.jpg?alt=media&token=a4f21813-f222-4c05-aff1-05874cf45e93"},{"type":"text","content":"Now that you've experienced some of the ancient Minoan civilization, it's time to take in the beauty and charm of modern-day Heraklion. If you are done here, let's move on to the next stop on our journey to uncover the hidden gems and highlights of this beautiful city."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nFriday 8 am–8 pm\nSaturday 8 am–8 pm\nSunday 8 am–8 pm\nMonday 8 am–8 pm\nTuesday 10 am–8 pm\nWednesday 8 am–8 pm Thursday 8 am–8 pm"},{"type":"link","title":"Official Website","content":"https://www.heraklionmuseum.gr/en/"}]},{"address":"Agia Pelagia Beach","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.4075818112887,"longitude":25.0183919},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Paradise Found in Agia Pelagia**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F7.jpg?alt=media&token=fce0ed75-09b5-4e63-b91e-176f9058cb6c"},{"type":"text","content":"Surprising fact:\nDid you know that Agia Pelagia Beach is named after a saint who is considered the patron of sailors and fishermen?\n\nWelcome to Agia Pelagia Beach, located on the stunning island of Crete. I'm your friendly tour guide, Emmi, and I'm excited to take you on a journey through the hidden gems and highlights of Heraklion.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F77.jpg?alt=media&token=6cca459c-5a44-46b1-8add-534a598dfd2f"},{"type":"text","content":"As we stand here on the warm sandy beaches, I want you to take a deep breath in and enjoy the fresh salty air. Feel the sun shining down on your skin, and listen to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. Isn't it peaceful?\n\nThis breathtaking beach is not only the perfect place to relax and enjoy some sun, but it's also steeped in history and culture. Agia Pelagia Beach is named after Saint Pelagia, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen. She was a 4th-century martyr who was transformed by her faith in Christ, and it's said that her relics are even housed in a nearby monastery.\n\nBut that's not all! If you look out into the horizon, you'll see a small island called Dia. Legend has it that this island was created by Zeus as a home for his lover, and he would often spend his time away from Mount Olympus on this island with her.\n\nSo whether you're looking to soak up the sun, explore some Greek mythology, or just enjoy a peaceful moment by the sea, Agia Pelagia Beach has everything you need.\n\nNow, take some time to explore the stunning beach and its surroundings. And when you're ready, let's continue our exciting journey through the hidden gems and highlights of Heraklion.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F777.jpg?alt=media&token=cba4d731-ecd9-4653-a722-5f5a0e96fe70"},{"type":"text","content":"Remember, this is just one small part of our tour, so if you need to move on, check your map, and we'll move along to our next stop."},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/9VBeNV2NnaQMZaDJ7"}]},{"address":"Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":35.4020308612864,"longitude":24.952428600000005},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Ultimate Fun at Fodele Beach**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F8.jpg?alt=media&token=2d69929c-0a1a-4b3c-9a24-ac97c90a7e28"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort! I bet you didn't know that this is the perfect spot to soak up the beautiful Mediterranean climate while enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea.\n\nNot only is this resort an oasis for sun-seekers, but it also boasts one of the best water parks in the area, with thrilling water slides and pool games for all ages. As a local guide, I can attest to the fact that this resort is one of the best places to experience the beauty of Heraklion while also staying active and entertained.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F88.jpg?alt=media&token=b09860e2-f504-4294-b4eb-db519afd64a8"},{"type":"text","content":"One of my favourite things about this resort is the unique architecture and design. As famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said,"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"It should be noted that no ethically-trained architect would ever dream of committing so grotesque an act as to put forth to the client the statement that a building is 'beautiful architecture'\".**"},{"type":"text","content":"And Fodele Beach & Water Park is a prime example of this concept, with its distinct Mediterranean style and beautiful landscaping.\n\nAs you explore the resort, be sure to keep an eye out for the hidden gems that make this place truly special. For example, did you know that there are hidden waterfalls and natural pools scattered throughout the resort for you to discover?\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2Fuftjf5YEqXWz3wepfDlH%2F888.jpg?alt=media&token=9773daf2-faf6-4a11-9c9d-fbb40041b6b2"},{"type":"text","content":"So, take your time and wander this beautiful resort at your leisure. When you're ready, our next stop will be waiting for you."},{"type":"link","title":"Location","content":"https://goo.gl/maps/Q35KT9NeuPp3Wnj6A"}]}]
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Meet Your Guide
Emmi Carlsson

Hi, I live to travel and love to show others all the unique places I've visited.

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