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[{"address":"Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyard","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.4655785161405,"longitude":9.170924200000012},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Vineyard of Genius: Leonardo's Legacy**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F4.jpg?alt=media&token=b66b8a31-59c7-4510-bbe0-587b3619d6ce"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyard! Did you know that this hidden gem was once owned by the great Renaissance artist himself? As Leonardo loved to experiment with different types of vineyards and wines, he decided to create his own vineyard right here in Milan.\n\nAs he once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"I have always felt it is my destiny to build a vineyard\"**"},{"type":"text","content":". And what a beautiful vineyard it is! Let's take a walk and explore this unique stop on our tour."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F44.jpg?alt=media&token=450625a3-7fb7-4d58-ba29-170398f6ee2e"},{"type":"text","content":"As we walk through the rows of vines, take a deep breath and smell the fragrant Mediterranean breeze. The vineyard offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for a quiet escape from city life. I myself love to come here to find inspiration and peacefulness.\n\nDid you know that not only can you explore the vineyard, but you can also sample some of the delicious wines that are produced here? This is the only vineyard in Milan that produces its own wines using traditional Italian techniques. Don't be afraid to ask the friendly staff for a recommendation.\n\nBefore we move on to the next stop, take a moment to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this historic vineyard. As Leonardo would say, \"Wine is a constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy\".\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F444.jpg?alt=media&token=7db299c4-12ba-48ff-a0d1-3365812035f8"},{"type":"text","content":"When you're ready, let's continue on the rest of the tour and uncover the many hidden gems and highlights that Milan has to offer."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nWednesday 9 am–6 pm\nThursday 9 am–6 pm\nFriday 9 am–6 pm\nSaturday 9 am–6 pm\nSunday 9 am–6 pm\nMonday Closed\nTuesday 9 am–6 pm\nEntry Fee : €8–10"},{"type":"link","title":"About","content":"https://www.vignadileonardo.com/en"}]},{"address":"Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.4656038661405,"longitude":9.178910549999975},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Sacred Musical Masterpiece: Chiesa di San Maurizio**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F2.jpg?alt=media&token=4503d7e3-79bf-481a-a6bc-0ad69b2f2f34"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome, travelers, to the beautiful Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. Did you know that this stunning church was built in the 16th century and houses some of Milan's most valuable artworks? As you look around, take in the intricate frescoes and stunning architecture that surround us. This church is truly a testament to Milan's rich history and culture.\n\nAs the famous author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"This quote perfectly sums up the beauty of this simple yet elegant church. Its pure and unadorned beauty showcases the skill and creativity of the architects who designed it."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F22.jpg?alt=media&token=27c122f7-6f25-420d-8d25-7e038eb0c897"},{"type":"text","content":"As a local guide, I am excited to share some insider knowledge with you. Did you know that this church was founded by Benedictine nuns in the 8th century? Its incredible history can be seen in every nook and cranny of the building. Take your time exploring and discovering all of the hidden gems that make this church so special.\n\nBe sure to check out the frescoes in the choir, which depict the life of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, and the beautiful 16th-century organ, which can still be played today. This church is truly a feast for the senses, with the sweet aroma of flowers and the sound of music filling the air.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F222.jpg?alt=media&token=4f1022d5-3d6f-41fc-9e5a-3ef3010cdb19"},{"type":"text","content":"When you are ready to move on to the next stop on our tour, just let me know. Until then, take your time and soak up all of the beauty and history that surrounds us. Milan is truly a city full of surprises and hidden gems, and I am excited to be your guide on this journey of discovery."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nWednesday 10 am–5 pm\nThursday 10 am–5 pm\nFriday 10 am–5 pm\nSaturday 10 am–5 pm\nSunday 10 am–5 pm\nMonday Closed\nTuesday 10 am–5 pm\nFree Entry"},{"type":"link","title":"About","content":"https://www.museoarcheologicomilano.it/"}]},{"address":"Brera Botanical Garden","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.4709009161435,"longitude":9.189486050000015},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Natural Oasis: Brera Botanical Garden**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F6.jpg?alt=media&token=9bb5d5de-ec67-4bca-80c8-e404891831f4"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to the beautiful Brera Botanical Garden. I bet you didn't know that this lush paradise is home to over 2,000 species of plants from all over the world. Can you believe that? As we walk through the garden, let me share with you some of its hidden gems and secrets that only a local guide like myself knows.\n\nOne of my favourite spots in the garden is the hidden pond where you can spot some friendly ducks quacking away. It's peaceful and serene, the perfect place to take a moment to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Another must-see is the rose garden, which is a colourful and fragrant delight when in bloom.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F66.jpg?alt=media&token=00db1731-a0d4-4e03-a429-1e03c1c0f9b8"},{"type":"text","content":"As we walk around this stunning garden, take a moment to pause and take in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, can you smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers? Can you hear the birds chirping in the trees?\n\nFun fact, did you know that this garden was created in the 18th century to provide medicinal herbs for the nearby hospitals? Now it's a popular spot for locals and visitors alike to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a peaceful stroll.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F666.jpg?alt=media&token=f73176ba-12ad-429a-9a8e-f19141821e46"},{"type":"text","content":"So, take your time and enjoy the gardens at your own pace. Whenever you're ready, let's move on to the next stop on our Milan tour, where more hidden gems await us."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nWednesday 10 am–6 pm\nThursday 10 am–6 pm\nFriday 10 am–6 pm\nSaturday 10 am–6 pm\nSunday 10 am–6 pm\nMonday 10 am–6 pm\nTuesday 10 am–6 pm\nEntrance is free"},{"type":"link","title":"Official Website","content":"https://ortibotanici.unimi.it/en/1063-2/"}]},{"address":"Vittorio Emanuele II","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.46418361613972,"longitude":9.18923539999998},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Iconic Italian Landmark: Vittorio Emanuele II**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F7.jpg?alt=media&token=854a26c2-4719-4754-b11f-b41830f67bc4"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to one of my favorite stops on the tour, Vittorio Emanuele II! Did you know that this landmark is actually named after the first king of Italy? That's just one of the interesting facts I have to share with you about this amazing stop.\n\nIn front of us, you'll see the magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's oldest shopping malls. As [famous person] once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"This is a place to see and be seen.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And for good reason - the Galleria is famous for its stunning architecture and high-end stores, making it a must-visit destination for fashion lovers."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F77.jpg?alt=media&token=58c8139b-faf4-47e0-944b-8b80cd8ef92f"},{"type":"text","content":"But there's more to see than just designer boutiques. Look up at the grand glass dome and you'll see a bull mosaic. Legend has it that if you spin three times on the bull's nether regions, it will bring you good luck. Don't believe me? Give it a try and let me know if it works!\n\nAs we explore this stop, take some time to interact with the environment. Grab a cappuccino from one of the cafes and people-watch in the stunning central courtyard, or take a moment to admire the stunning mosaic floors. And don't forget to take advantage of the Instagram-worthy photo ops!\n\nBefore we move on, I have to let you in on a little secret. If you're looking to avoid the crowds, head up to the rooftop terrace of the Rinascente department store. From there, you'll have an unforgettable view of the Galleria and all its surroundings.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F777.jpg?alt=media&token=57b58080-4b83-488d-ad9a-c4730343e964"},{"type":"text","content":"Alright, that's enough from me. Take your time and enjoy this amazing stop, and when you're ready, we'll continue our journey through the hidden gems and highlights of Milan."},{"type":"text","content":"Tickets: You can enter the shopping mall free of charge. Tickets for the Highline Galleria cost €12, or €9.60 for visitors under the age of 25 or over the age of 65. Entry is free for children under the age of 14.\nThe Galleria is open 24 hours a day. The Highline Galleria (the rooftop walk) is open from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm."},{"type":"link","title":"About","content":"https://www.yesmilano.it/esplora/luoghi/galleria-vittorio-emanuele-ii"}]},{"address":"Duomo di Milano","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.464237616139734,"longitude":9.19107969999998},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Majestic Milanese Marvel: Duomo di Milano**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F1.jpg?alt=media&token=89d6d633-257d-4ec7-8d60-dc3a14d638e0"},{"type":"text","content":"Hello and welcome to the Duomo di Milano, one of Milan's must-see attractions! As I stand here in front of this magnificent structure, I can't help but feel a sense of awe and appreciation for the incredible architecture and history before us.\n\nDid you know that the construction of the Duomo began in 1386 and took over 500 years to complete? It's truly a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the builders and architects who worked tirelessly to make this masterpiece a reality.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F11.jpg?alt=media&token=2646fbea-d043-4353-9f16-8c97571ac70e"},{"type":"text","content":"As Leonardo da Vinci once said,"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication\",**"},{"type":"text","content":"and that's exactly what you'll find here at the Duomo. From the intricate details of the facade to the stunning stained glass windows, every aspect of this cathedral is a work of art in its own right.\n\nBut it's not just the physical beauty that makes this stop so special. I want to share a personal story with you about my first time visiting the Duomo. While I was taking in the breathtaking views from the top of the cathedral, I couldn't help but feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me. It was as if all the worries of the world had disappeared and I was simply able to bask in the moment. I hope you'll be able to experience the same feeling as you take in the views from the top.\n\nAs you explore the area, be sure to look out for the intricate details and hidden gems that make this place so unique. Whether it's the stunning gold-plated statue of the Virgin Mary at the top of the cathedral or the intricate mosaics on the floor, every inch of this place is worth exploring.\n\nIf you're feeling adventurous, I highly recommend climbing to the top of the Duomo to get a stunning panoramic view of Milan. It's an experience you won't forget anytime soon!\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F111.jpg?alt=media&token=fa42d156-8234-409b-a40a-9ecd1b6b5180"},{"type":"text","content":"Okay, I'll let you explore further now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. And when you're ready, I'll meet you at our next stop on this exciting tour of Milan. Happy exploring!"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nWednesday 9 am–7 pm\nThursday 9 am–7 pm\nFriday 9 am–7 pm\nSaturday 9 am–7 pm\nSunday 9 am–7 pm\nMonday 9 am–7 pm\nTuesday 9 am–7 pm\nEntrance Fee 5 EURO"},{"type":"link","title":"About","content":"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milan_Cathedral"}]},{"address":"Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.4625355161388,"longitude":9.195312050000005},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Eerie Beauty: Santuario di San Bernardino**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F3.jpg?alt=media&token=a9e1e421-f441-4a1f-ac60-51b158868e12"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to the Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa, a place of eerie and grim fascination. Did you know that this sanctuary contains over 3,000 skeletons and skulls of past Milanese citizens? It may sound morbid, but this stop holds great cultural significance as it serves as a monument to the transience of life.\n\nAs the famous poet William Wordsworth once said,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"the world is too much with us.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"This statement rings particularly true here as we are surrounded by the physical remains of those who came before us. It's a humbling experience to be in the presence of so much history."},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F33.jpg?alt=media&token=2fe35e79-a88c-452d-bd3b-480510fc1908"},{"type":"text","content":"But don't let the solemn atmosphere deter you from exploring this stop. Take a moment to look around and appreciate the architecture that surrounds us. The frescoes on the ceiling of the chapel are absolutely stunning and the courtyard is a peaceful oasis in the midst of Milan's bustling city center.\n\nAs a fun activity, try to locate the frescoes that depict St. Bernardino surrounded by the skulls and bones of Milanese citizens. It's a fascinating display of life and death intertwining.\n\nThis stop may be a bit macabre, but it's a unique feature of Milan and one that shouldn't be missed. Take your time and explore this stop as there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F333.jpg?alt=media&token=1488ba8d-2212-4662-af79-02459f644a52"},{"type":"text","content":"Once you've finished exploring, let's move on to our next stop and continue our journey through Milan's charming streets."},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nMonday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Sunday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm\nFree Entry"},{"type":"link","title":"Official Website","content":"https://www.sanbernardinoalleossa.it/"}]},{"address":"Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.462204616138614,"longitude":9.195452650000009},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Timeless Spiritual Sanctuary: Basilica di Santo Stefano**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F8.jpg?alt=media&token=71186203-cece-4f8e-8d37-ba489db9babe"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to the Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore! I bet you didn't know that this place has over a thousand years of history! As Emmi, your local guide, I am excited to show you all the hidden gems and unique features of this stop on our walking tour.\n\nAs the sun shines on the stunning architecture in front of us, it's hard not to feel like we're standing in the footsteps of history. As a religious site of cultural significance, the basilica has a lot to offer, even to the non-religious. As a person who has traveled extensively, I know how valuable it is to connect with a city's culture and history, and this place is an excellent representation of that.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F88.jpg?alt=media&token=b8abfc54-bee7-4443-ad94-d1582d6bf805"},{"type":"text","content":"But let's not just admire the outside; let's go inside and explore! Can you imagine the stories that lie within these walls? As they say,"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"The doors of history are always open.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"And what better way to learn about it than from a local guide, right?\n\nNow, take a deep breath and feel the cool air inside. Take a moment to feel the happiness within you. Feel the energy that comes from the art and architecture around you.\n\nI suggest walking around the basilica and absorbing everything you can – the stunning artwork, the beautiful architecture, and the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Be sure to take a few photos and send them to your friends – what a breathtaking stop!\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F888.jpg?alt=media&token=acb4f1c1-1b03-4bf2-b5a1-418575b80fa6"},{"type":"text","content":"Alright, when you are ready, we can move on to the next stop on our adventure together. Take your time and enjoy your Stay in Milan!"},{"type":"text","content":"Opening Hours:\nMonday to Saturday: 8 am until 6:30 pm. Sunday: from 9 am until 7 pm."},{"type":"link","title":"about","content":"http://www.migrantimilano.it/"}]},{"address":"University of Milan","location":{"longitudeDelta":0.1161718275106547,"latitudeDelta":0.09219986310369421,"latitude":45.46039341613756,"longitude":9.19492215},"media":[{"type":"text","content":"# **Knowledge Hub: University of Milan**"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F5.jpg?alt=media&token=c42615b3-afff-4989-8b36-3dec02b8c0d8"},{"type":"text","content":"Welcome to the University of Milan! Did you know that this prestigious institution was founded in 1923? As one of the oldest universities in Italy, it has a rich history and a reputation for excellence in research and education.\n\nAs a student myself, I often come to this stop to relax and enjoy the beautiful campus. With its historic buildings and spacious gardens, the University of Milan is truly a hidden gem in the heart of Milan.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F55.jpg?alt=media&token=daeeaa80-10a3-4d25-9a0e-ccb58ac3b172"},{"type":"text","content":"Take a moment to explore the grounds and appreciate the stunning architecture. From the grand entrance to the intricate details of the buildings, there is a lot to take in.\n\nAs author Franz Kafka once wrote,\n\n"},{"type":"text","content":"**\"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.\"**"},{"type":"text","content":"This stop is not just a place to see, but to experience. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the university and let yourself be transported back in time.\n\nBefore we move on, I want to tell you about a secret spot that only a few people know about. If you walk through the archway by the main entrance and turn right, you'll find a small courtyard with a hidden fountain. It's the perfect place to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.\n\n"},{"type":"img","content":"https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/freeguides-prod.appspot.com/o/assets%2Ftours%2FXL99Bfwy5FwzilsDfuka%2F555.jpg?alt=media&token=25cc77b8-dc5f-4016-b0bf-d53c331b269a"},{"type":"text","content":"Now that you know all the hidden gems of the University of Milan, feel free to take your time and explore. When you're ready, we'll move on to the next stop on our journey."},{"type":"link","title":"About","content":"https://www.unimi.it/it"}]}]
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Meet Your Guide
Emmi Carlsson

Hi, I live to travel and love to show others all the unique places I've visited.

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