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  • Sam Radford

5 Experiences in Brisbane This Summer

Brisbane often takes a step back from its neighbour the Gold Coast for holiday destinations for Aussies during the summer. The attraction of Surfers Paradise and the 4 theme parks prove to be quite the lure for all generations, but Brisbane is fast becoming a destination that can rival its southern neighbour. Here we provide you with a list of 5 experiences you can have in Brisbane over the summer that you won’t be able to anywhere else. Let us know which of the experiences are your favourite, and if there are any that you’ve hit that didn’t make this list.

Party on at This That Music Festival

For many NSW residents, That should not be an unfamiliar name. Spending the last 5 years in Newcastle, This That is a top destination for music lovers to let loose to some of their favourite artists. Happening on Bribie Island at the beginning of March this year, a lineup including The Rubens, Spacey Jane and San Cisco looks to be a highlight for anyone on the sunshine coast this summer. Make sure to drink plenty of water and know where your friends are, because music festivals can get a little hectic, and That is sure to be a wild one.

Explore the Howard Smith Wharves

The Howard Smith Wharves proves to be a highlight of anyone visiting inner-city Brisbane, as the local government has been introducing a large portion of their budget upgrading the spot to make it a destination for all tourists. The Howard Smith Wharves contain numerous bars and restaurants that are topping the lists of local food blogs and guides. Enjoy the afternoon sun as you relax by the water drinking a fabulous selection of wine and freshly cooked food. A trip down from your hotel to the water will be something you surely won’t regret.

Hike Mount Coot-tha

Mount Coot-tha, the ancestral homeland of the Yugarapul people is known for being the go-to hiking destination for the more adventurous explorer. A 287m tall mountain all known as the Honey Mountain rests at the edge of Brisbane, allowing visitors stunning views of the city that can’t be missed. Once you’ve climbed the summit, the options are endless from further hiking trails through the national park, or perhaps sipping rose by the sunset. The budding photographers amongst you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to catch some of the best views the city has to offer.

Scale the Kangaroo Point Cliffs

If there was one thing that I saw absolutely boom these past two years it's bouldering and climbing gyms. Whilst you can find a bouldering location pretty easily in every city, the Kangaroo Point Cliffs provide an opportunity to kick the passion into high gear and conquer the outdoors amidst stunning views. But don’t worry if you’re not an elite climber, as the climbing tour run by those who know what they’re doing are available at all skill levels. So whether you’re a weekend habitual climber or just someone looking to get some outdoor exercise in, the Kangaroo Point Cliffs will be an experience at the top of your list.

Peruse the West End Farmer’s Market

The West End Farmer’s Market proves time and time again to be one of the best morning or afternoon experiences during a day in Brisbane. With multitudes of fresh produce for sale, along with boutiques featuring second-hand clothing and jewellery, this market is one of the busiest places on the weekend. Whether you’re there to browse the stalls, or perhaps try out some freshly brewed coffee at one of the various coffee carts lining the alleyways, there are options abound for any visitor to Brisbane. Make sure to get to the second-hand clothing stalls quick though, their best stuff sells out pretty quick!

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