Best Things to Do in The Snowy Mountains Other Than Skiing

Updated: Jul 13

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When you think of NSW’s great attraction of the Snowy Mountains, I bet your first thoughts are to shred the slopes on your skis and snowboards. But what I bet you don’t know, is that the Snowy Mountains offer a whole range of activities that will get the blood pumping just as much. Here are some activities such as free walking tours, cave exploration and good eats as presented by FreeGuides.

Mount Kosciuszko Walks

Mount Kosciuszko, home to the iconic Thredbo and Perisher ski slopes, have some of the most iconic walking trails in Australia. If you’re after an all day trek, then look no further to the Main Range Track Loop. This nearly 30km walk will take most of your day, rounding out at just over 9 hours, but for those experienced hikers, the views of the natural mountain landscape will send your hearts soaring. Or perhaps you wish to conquer Australia's largest peak, with the Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk. The 20km walk will elevate you a whopping 937m from

where you start, so let it be known that this is something for the most experienced climbers. For those wanting a gentler journey, then we would recommend checking out the Blue Lake Lookout trek. This two hour expedition will take you through Charlottes Pass to the famed Blue Lake, which will be the highlight of any young explorers Instagram feed.

Yarrangobilly Caves

Perhaps instead of the overland treks of Mount Kosciuszko you find yourself a budding spelunker, wanting to check out the Yarrangobilly Caves. Located at the north end of the Kosciuszko National Park, the Yarrangobilly Cave system has four tours currently available for new adventurers. The Jillabenan Cave is the smallest and easiest cave for entry level spelunkers, looking to immerse themselves into the world of intricate cave systems with

delicate formations. The stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling will put you in a state of awe and wonder, as you immerse yourself in one of nature’s truly special locations. The South Glory Cave on the other hand is the one tour that gets most people to Yarrangobilly. The self-guided experience is exactly what we try to promote here at FreeGuides with our own self-guided model. Formations in the Ice Age chamber are definitely a highlight of any visit to the cave, seeing such sights as the Lamb’s Fleece and Judges Wig. Yarrangobilly Cave is definitely a highlight that will make you forget about the slopes of Perisher and Thredbo.

Wildbrumby Distillery

The Wildbrumby Distillery offers you the perfect hang out spot to get away from the high octane thrill of the snow. A cozy café interior awaits you as you sip warm coffee liquors and eat at the much raved about patisserie located inside. Wildbrumby is famous for its wide range of schnapps, produced from imported German distillery equipment. Choose from a range of pink lady apple, pear william, peach, butterscotch or the hot chilli schnapps, as well as countless other options available upon request. There is also a range of wines and beers to choose from, to pair nicely with any meal purchased from the café. Take advantage of the beautiful Snowy Mountains weather and go for a stroll in the distillery's sculptured gardens, providing you with some sights that will light up any social media feed. The distillery is halfway between Thredbo and Jindabyne, making it the perfect stop over going to or from the mountains. If you make it to Wildbrumby, be sure to tag us, we’d love to see what kind of experiences you’re having!

Jindabyne Hall Markets

The Jindabyne Hall Markets provide the perfect opportunity to sample local wares, as you explore all the various stalls at this local trade hall. From local honey, locally dyed and made silk and fine wool scarves and tops, crocheted rugs, mittens, beanies, hemp bags, hand knits and accessories for children, black garlic products, wood turned toys, jams and pickles, cakes, natural soaps and shampoos, candles, children's/-babies clothing, locally designed hoodies, there is a plethora of products on to peruse from. Support the local community and small business during your exploration of Jindabyne, as we look to help those most affected by the


There are a whole range of activities to experience at the Snowy Mountains region besides the famous ski slopes, and we hope you take on a few of our recommendations. Let us know if you’ve experienced any of these options, or tell us about those hidden spots you most love and would like to share with everyone else!

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