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Updated: Jul 6

Learn how to increase the visibility of your experience on FreeGuides

So you've had your experience approved or maybe you're just trying to understand more about what you can get out of the FreeGuides platform.

Boost allows you to increase the visibility of your experience more than it would be originally. Meaning there is an increased chance for you to earn more overall and drive people onto your experience.

So how can you get started?

1. Log onto the web app and press 'boost' on the top right corner

2. Choose which metric is most important to you - we then help push your experience to audiences that will most likely perform that action!

3. Choose at least one experience and then press 'select plan' to continue

4. Pick a subscription option that would work best for you, we recommend choosing at least 1 month to show the best results. This allows time for our algorithm to adjust and push out your experience to the most people possible.

5. Once you've done everything, you can review your choices and you can now 'boost'!

Once it's boosted you can see a small icon next to your experience on both the web app and mobile app! If you still haven’t found the answers you’re after, ask our Guide Community or Contact Us.

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