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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The recent pandemic has brought on a wave of creativity, with people looking to try new things and replace the old ones that are no longer became available. FreeGuides provides you with a way to combine both the new and the old, creating old experiences with a new twist. If you’re looking for a way to reminisce on the old outside activities that you can longer do, I’d recommend trying and creating a new experience on FreeGuides. Below are a range of activities you can create experiences around, bringing all those outdoor activities that you miss to a whole host of new audiences.

Shred the Waves at You Local

If you’re looking for an opportunity to capitalise on Australia’s worst kept secret, look no further than the beach. Whether you’re up at the ever-fresh Freshwater Beach, trying to join the ranks of the Bra Boys, or maybe want to rub shoulders with Sydney’s elite in Bondi, there are explorers coming from all over the world to check out the Sydney summer. FreeGuides lets you bring that knowledge of all the best private beaches away from prying eyes and deliver it to explorers keen to get away from the usual Top 10 beaches in Sydney list and find something a little knew.

Maybe you’re confident enough to teach a class as well, and show off your knowledge of the ocean spray. Sprinkle tips like how to identify rips, instructive diagrams when you create your guide on how to stand up the quickest, and also the most important thing of all, surf etiquette. The last thing you want is your explorers dropping in on the local gromits, or freezing up when faced with oncoming surf traffic. Don’t think of FreeGuides as just a way to share your knowledge, but also to teach a lesson in something you’re passionate about. Recreate your favourite outdoor activity from the comfort of your own home, and hey, why not make a little extra cash on the side as well?

Join thousands and Start Your Bouldering Journey

If you’re looking to create an activity that really took off during the lockdown, I would suggest creating experiences around all the new bouldering hot spots that have opened up recently. Blurring the lines of what is inside and what is outside, bouldering has become a new and fun way to keep fit that puts your mind and body to the test. Most Bouldering centres also have indoor rock climbing walls, so you can present explorers with a range of activities in the same location, before sending them to the next location.

Perhaps you’re a Bouldering expert and looking to take your explorers to the next level with you? If so, there are numerous outdoor locations to attempt free climbing bouldering. Instruct your explorers on specific pathways to take partially up rock faces, as well as any natural bouldering sites you know of. Bouldering has become the top-rated outdoor indoor activity, with more people than I can count giving it a go. So why not create the next FreeGuides experience at one of the many bouldering locations near you, and bring the outside in.

Not all Tricking is Tricky

Maybe Bouldering or Surfing isn’t your thing, perhaps you’re more into the extreme side of sports, the technical activities that make all your friends upload all your moves to Instagram. Maybe you’re into tricking. With numerous gymnastic gymnasiums, outdoor parks and parkour obstacle courses, send your explorers around your city to have their turn at one of the most insane outdoor activities out there. With a range of explorers out there keen to try new experiences, you would be able to tailor your experience to the skill sets you feel best to teach. Whether they’re trying to nail their first backflip, or trying to nail down the double cork, the explorers are waiting.

With the recent pandemic and people feeling uncomfortable to leave their home, with FreeGuides you are able to create classes that people can opt into from their own home. Instead of locations, provide information on techniques and forms, as well as any safety measures needed so people can attempt tricking from the comfort of their own home. Bring those outdoor activities you remember fondly to people in their own home, who are also in need of that outdoor recreation.

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