Brisbane Top 5 Eats of 2021: Food Blogger Recommendation

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Here's everywhere you should go to find Brisbane's best food - from bakeries to fine dining restaurants

If you want to eat like a professional food blogger in 2021, you might want a professional food guide made by Instagram food bloggers. The duet ,@weratethat, has brought us a complete “Foodies Guide to Brisbane”. From fine dining experiences to bakery tours, the guide takes you on a journey of feasts in just one tour. Let’s see what are the Brisbane top restaurants of 2021.

Walter’s Steakhouse

Steaks, schnitzels, burgers and more drinks than you can count to accompany a fine dining experience, Walter’s Steak House is an institution in Brisbane. Located only a short walk from the luscious Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, this first stop will suit those eager for a hearty lunch following a breezy stroll amongst the Gardens and the Brisbane River. Known for their porterhouse steak, @weratethat recommended a pairing of shiraz to enhance the dining experience and the quality of future conversations for the rest of the day.


Bianca Restaurant

It may seem facetious to say, but Bianca Restaurant is one of the hottest restaurants in Brisbane at the moment. An idea conceptually created in the midst of the pandemic, this modern Italian restaurant aims to bring a diverse range of cuisines to the foodies palette, deconstructing the conception that good Italian food is your grandmother's pasta in a red sauce. The menu is in a constant state of rotation, but one classic that forever remains on the menu is a Pork and Fennel Lasagna made famous by the restaurateur's former pop-up. With a wine collection sporting over 350 different options, any foodie will get to experience a spin on Italian cuisine that blends the classics with 21st century outlook.


Newfarm Deli

Newfarm Deli offers a unique dining experience according to @weratethat. A combination between a cozy cafe experience in the front of the shop, and an extensive Italian deli in the back. It follows the old adage of business in the front and party in the back, with a wide range of cheeses, pasta’s and iconic deli classics such as cured meats and a variety of fermented vegetables that will light up any charcuterie board. Enjoy a selection of coffee and cakes before diving into the endless options that will spice up your home cooking and be an excellent gift to friends and family alike.


Birds Nest Yakitori

Birds Nest Yakitori, specifically the restaurant in the West End, is a hot spot of famed Japanese barbecuing technique, Yakitori. Have a variety of chicken, pork and meat skewers smoked over the traditional hibachi grill. Guides @weratethat encourage explorers to make sure they can get a table at the bar, to have the full experience of watching a master craftsman at work. Salt, smoke and high quality ingredients are the only things necessary in this restaurant, as the minimalist style serves to bring out the natural flavours of the food you’ll be chowing down on later. With three locations across Brisbane, if the West End is booked out, you'll be sure to find the same high quality in the Fortitude Valley and Toowong establishments.


Kurimu Japanese Cream Choux

The term whole in the wall usually sets the stomachs growling of any aspiring foodie, as they await a new delectable experience unheard of by the masses. Not spoiled by long lines or endless groupings of Instagram snapping guests, Kurimu looks to bring visitors the traditional Japanese bakery experience. Tarts, Choux Pastry sticks and red bean filled treats await guests behind glass cabinets, as they compliment any coffee or tea by a traveling visitor or local. Make sure to visit Kurimu quickly, before one of Brisbane's best hidden secrets is discovered. If I were you, I'd leave as much room as possible before visiting, and try out as many of the red bean goods you can, you’ll be sure to thank us.


Donna Chang

You have visited whole in the wall bakeries and Italian delicatessens in the back of cafes, but it hasn’t just scratched that 5 star posh dining experience you’ve been craving. White tablecloths and magnificent cutlery await you in Donna Chang, as you eye a menu combining Cantonese and Sichuan classics. The often mistaken assumption of cheap eats Chinese food is whisked away from your mind as you sample delicately prepared cuisine that proves the chefs true masters of their crafts. Boasting an extensive wine list, and luxurious atmosphere, Donna Chang is feast for all 5 senses.


Their experience is live on FreeGuides, for more information visit their experience yourself!

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