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Updated: Nov 17

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Our goal is to develop a tool that creators can use to monetise their unique travel knowledge.

Guides choose how much to charge for their tours, but there are a few requirements before we can approve them.

The guidelines we check to get approved are:


  • Introduce yourself, explorers want to be led by a local not just a list of places to visit.

  • Explain why you are the best person to lead this tour. We allow videos and text why not introduce yourself and what makes you uniquely qualified to lead this tour

  • Give an idea of what you get or will see whilst on the tour

  • Recording your own voice makes this easy and can be done by recording audio on mobile or converting your text into mp3 Try:


  • Explorers won't pay for something they can get on Google, they want to see things they didn't know existed

  • If it can be found on google it shouldn't be in your tour they should be unique views and secrets, do you know the owner of one of the cafes on your tour? Could you interview them?


  • Can an explorer actually go on your tour? Explorers don't pay for lists they pay for experiences.

  • Would you recommend your tour to a friend or family member if they were to visit?

  • Be realistic don't add stops around your country how would an explorer do that instead focus on one neighbourhood in your area or sight nearby to each other. Explorers need to find value in your tour and won't do that if the stops are too far away or simply impossible to complete in a day.

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