How do Tour Guides Make Money on FreeGuides?

Updated: Jul 13

If you have ever used the Uber app then you should know that at the end of a ride journey, you have the option to either tip the driver or not. This is exactly how tour guides make money on the FreeGuides app. However, what is the whole process before that final tipping stage? How does a tourist get to that?

Let us map the whole journey from start to finish. We will first take a look at how tours on the app come about. Then, we will delve into what goes on when tourists pick a tour.

Tour Guides

Creating an experience/tour

Before a guide can start creating an experience, the FreeGuides app must be downloaded first from the app store. Alternatively, you can also visit the website - - to make a tour. Sign up using a Facebook or Google account on FreeGuides. Then, you can start creating a tour in under 3 minutes by simply adding photos, highlights and stops. The experiences you make can be guided or self-guided. After creating a tour, all you need to do is wait for someone to book it.

How do tour guides get paid

Experiences are priced through a ‘pay-what-you-want’ model where tourists taking your tours can tip you however much they like at the end of the journey. Yet, aside from this, we have a unique tip collection that allows us to pay you frequently and consistently. Our cashless system creates many benefits and incentives for our guides:

Regular and consistent payments even through unexpected conditions such as weather and unforeseen pressures.

Explorers tip higher amounts when offered cashless systems only.


Taking a tour

To book a tour, you must first sign up with a Facebook or Google account on the FreeGuides app or visit and sign up on the website - You can browse through existing experiences based on location and category options such as nature, culinary, historical, architectural, religious, cultural, city or other. You can choose between guided and self-guided tours.

How to pay

At the end of the experience, you have the option to tip. This tip is based on how much you think the experience is worth. You use your phone to send payment. Our proprietary technology transforms an industry that was trapped in the Dark Ages by offering technology that allows the collection of tipping through the mobile app; the process is extremely easy and secure. This encourages and incentivises you to see the true value of the experience and enables you to offer additional value even after the experience ends.

Tour guides can operate as explorers and vice versa. Anyone can make money and experience the different local made tours on the app. So, what are you waiting for? Get on FreeGuides now and experience this revolutionary app!

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