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Daniel Wasilewsky
2 min

How to Become a Tour Guide on FreeGuides?


Anyone can become a guide on FreeGuides. Whether you are a student, an office worker or a retiree, there is no limitation on who can become a guide on the revolutionary tour app. But what is the whole process?

Who can become a tour guide?

We specially designed FreeGuides to allow anyone in the world to create an experience. We think the people who know their cities better than anyone else are those who breathe the air and walk the streets. That is why we make it simple and stress-free to create an experience using FreeGuides.

Are any qualifications for becoming a guide?

There are no qualifications necessary except the true understanding and passion for your personal city. We need you to wake up every day excited to be living inside of your city. You are always the planner when you go out with friends. You know all the best bars and restaurants and the best views.

What type of experiences can be created?

It is totally up to you! FreeGuides enables anyone to create any unique experience. We have no limitations on what experiences you can create. You can create guided or self-guided tours. You organise how and where you run your tours, and what goes on during the experiences. Tours can be categorised under nature, culinary, historical, architectural, religious, cultural, city or other.

Creating an experience/tour

Before a guide can start creating an experience, the FreeGuides app must be downloaded first from the Apple app store or Android app store. Alternatively, you can also visit the website - - to make an experience. Sign up using a Facebook or Google account on FreeGuides. Then, you can start creating a tour in under 3 minutes by simply adding photos, highlights and stops. The experiences you make are self-guided. After creating a tour, all you need to do is wait for someone to book it.

How do tour guides get paid

Experiences are priced through a ‘pay-what-you-want’ model where tourists taking your tours can tip you however much they like at the end of the journey. Yet, aside from this, we have a unique tip collection that allows us to pay you frequently and consistently. Our cashless system creates many benefits and incentives for our guides:

- Regular and consistent payments even through unexpected conditions such as weather and unforeseen pressures.

- Explorers tip higher amounts when offered cashless systems only.


Tourists can connect to you before the experience starts, ask questions, see ratings and identify how many tours you have completed.


You can give additional recommendations and highlights for tourists, including:

- Restaurant recommendations

- Sightseeing locations

- Bars

- Activities

- Facts

- General information

You are not just limited to becoming a tour guide on FreeGuides should you choose that option, but you can also opt-in as an explorer! FreeGuides allows everyone to create experiences and explore tours themselves as well. If you are itching to show people your city or other places you know, become a tour guide today.

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