How To Scope Out Experiences

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

So one of the biggest hurdles we find with new guides is that they are interested in using FreeGuides, but aren’t sure what to create an experience on. Sure there are the obvious choices like sending people to restaurants or maybe to various outdoor activities like National Parks and the many beaches around you, but FreeGuides allows for guides to create niche experiences that are off the beaten path. Take people through an exploration of Sydney’s underground art scene to galleries like Good Space or maybe to smaller comedy experiences like those found underneath the Chippendale hotel. Once you find what you’re looking for, you now need to decide on how your explorers are going to reach these experiences as well as customising them for greater traction. Here we will provide you with ways to find your niche and scope out the locations to see if they’re the right place for your new experience and hopefully make you some more cash on the side.

Finding Your Niche

We are sure there are numerous things about you that you can write experiences about. The best place to start in regards to creating experiences is to identify the hobbies which you get up to on a regular basis. You don’t need to think big about your hobbies or underestimate how exciting they could be to potential guides. You are much more interesting than you might think, especially to people with similar interests. Using the adaptive tools on FreeGuides you can also teach people your hobbies, such as giving them the best spots along the coast for spearfishing or maybe sending people to your most inspirational spots for writing lessons or photography lessons. You could be a skater and send your explorers down to Martin Place for the absolutely crisp lines you know and love. If you can think of something you like getting up to on the weekend or your day off, no matter how big or small there are people out there excited to hop on and try it. I know that I have recently picked up a hobby in bouldering, so hearing people recommend new spots to go try in Sydney is always a treat I am excited for.

What To Look For In A Location

When choosing locations for your next experience there are numerous facets you’ll need to look at before getting it up and running. The first thing to look at is if the places you are a suggestion for explorers are of the right experience level. The last thing potential new explorers want to be faced with is an entry-level challenge that is far beyond their skill level. Make sure if you send people on a lesson or a tour that you label the guide as such so that explorers will know what they are signing up for. The second thing to look at when creating new experiences is the accessibility of each of the spots your suggesting. If you’re providing numerous locations and explorers are not supposed to visit each in a single day, then you’re in the clear, but if you want to send your explorers on a day-long experience, make sure that each stop is easily accessibly either through walking or public transport. Another potential tip is to create your experience in centralised areas so that if your explorers are coming from all over your particular city, they are able to reach the starting point with relative ease.

Bring Out Your Inner Photographer

Once you’ve settled on your experience and decided on each of the spots you want your explorers to visit, the next step is the customisation aspect of your guide. Take your experience to the next level by adding photos to your guide that you’ve personally taken. You don’t need to worry if you’re not a professional photographer, explorers will respond positively to the effort you’ve taken in order to enhance the experience and personalise it, rather than taking stock photos from the internet. Perhaps you can also use this as an opportunity to better your photo taking skills and learn from current photography lessons on FreeGuides, to not just better your own experiences, but to also help out next time your out with friends and someone needs to photograph the moment. Don’t worry, I’m just as perplexed as you are when people take my phone for a photo and make it landscape, it just doesn’t sit right. Regardless of how seriously you take the photography, don’t underestimate the customisation and personalisation options available to you on the FreeGuides app, you’ll be sure to see a lot more explorers once you do.

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