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How to Share Your Experiences to Maximise Your Passive Income

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

One of the most common hurdles that guides struggle with is how they can share their experience with their following to increase the passive income they create. Every experience that you create has the potential to earn passive income and the more people you share it with, the more likely your experience is viewed. Today, in this blog post, we will demonstrate to you the possible platforms and methods you can try to share your experiences with.

Before we get started, I would like to remind you that every experience you create has a UNIQUE Link on our FreeGuides app and web-app. This means that you are able to send anyone your link and they can access that experience.

1. Facebook

a) Facebook Groups

If you are apart of a Facebook Group and the experience you have created has relevance to the group; you can share your experience and will reach a tight-knit community.

b) Facebook post

If you have a decent amount of Facebook friends, sharing your experience on your Facebook wall will allow your friends to view it. This will also give you the opportunity to introduce your friends to also create experiences on FreeGuides.

2. Instagram

Instagram has been one of the most important platform's influencers have utilised to grow their following. There are a handful of things you can do to promote your experience.

a) Instagram Biography

Your Instagram biography allows for a link and a brief description. Most influencers include a LinkTree in their biography with a few links to their passive income lists. Your experience on FreeGuides can go on that list and can assist you with building up your passive income resources.

b) Instagram Post/Story

Both Instagram Stories and Instagram posts allow for you to share photos and images. You can use this to your advantage and share the experience you created on FreeGuides to give your followers a better understanding of what the experience is about.

c) Tagging and Hashtags

You can tag @FreeGuides on your Posts/Stories to increase the views on your experience. We will share your Story/Post when you tag us. Also, use #freeguides on all your posts as there are high levels of activity on this hashtag.

3. Youtube

Create a video of you going on this experience. You can also share this with your following to further increase your passive income. Youtube can also provide passive income to videos with a decent amount of views. Sharing your Youtube video and FreeGuides experiences will allow you to increase your experiences on both platforms.

Thank you for using FreeGuides and I hope you will continue using our app! 😊

*Disclaimer if you didn't already realise, but the images are edited.*

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