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How to Upload a Profile Picture

Updated: Sep 9

What is a profile picture?

Profile pictures are shown to explorers to help them connect to you. Showing your personality is very important as a close connection between guide and explorer increases tips and overall engagement. Explorers want to be lead by a local, a friend, not an app so make sure to capture your personality in your profile picture.

The screens where profile pictures can be seen are:

  • Guide profile

  • Account

  • Tipping

  • Experience welcome

Why are they important?

Profile pictures are very important as it is the primary representation of guides on the app. As FreeGuides are run virtually through the explorer's phones it's vital the personality and existence of guides are highlighted. Explorers need to know that the experience they are enjoying was hand-made by a real person, a guide with real passion and enthusiasm.

How to?

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