Secret Sounds of City: Hear from the Local Artists in Mandurah

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Perth, famous for its beaches, sand dunes and booming restaurant scene is currently putting on one of the most intriguing events this winter, Secret Sounds of the City. Located in one of Mandurah’s best eateries, this secret location event highlights some of the best up and coming local musicians in Perth’s already established musical scenes.

With a price tag of only $15 including a complimentary drink on arrival, the Secret Sounds music night provides entrants with an avenue to explore a major event on a budget. Make sure you bring your wallets with you to any of the Secret Sounds events, because there will be a wide range of food and drinks to enjoy, ranging from locally sourced cuisine coupled with beverages produced by local breweries!

The first event, the musical event, kicked off on June 29th, with the exact location within Mandurah disclosed on the day. As the official website states, it’s not called Secret Sounds for nothing. The night will include 3 local musicians to perform, alongside the aforementioned wining and dining experience. The evening ran from 6:30pm until 10 that evening, giving you the perfect opportunity to set up your night before exploring furthermore into Mandurah, checking out the buzzing nightlife after the event.

Although this isn't the only event to be held, with a Comedy Showcase evening happening later this month, the Secret Sounds of the City aims to host 5 of these events this Winter, highlighting different facets of Perth and Western Australian culture at each event. If you missed out on the first local artist’s event, don’t worry, because the city of Mandurah has got you covered. The third event, happening on July 29th, will feature 3 different artists in a similar style to the first. A Jazz night will happen on August 11th and a Blue's n Roots event to be held on August 24th. The range of musical stylings looks to highlight the diverse range of current musical stylings in Perth, as well as to explore the musical history behind many of the current artists success today. Any fan of hip hop and RnB will appreciate the history of Jazz and Blues in creating the most popular musical genre at the moment.

As Western Australia and Perth’s COVID protocols seem to have the state secure, what better time to celebrate local artists, encourage some COVID safe interstate travel, and enjoy some fine eating than the Secret Sound of the City festival. If you’re feeling like making some extra money on the side, here at FreeGuides we would encourage you to create an experience around these events. Highlight your city, promote local artists and dining establishments, and get paid for it all whilst sitting from the comfort of your home. The Secret Sounds of the City event looks to be an opportunity for tourists, locals and budding entrepreneurs alike. Don’t miss out on this potential to make Mandurah a household name amongst those out of state. Just make sure you’re COVID safe whilst you’re out exploring your city's nightlife event of the year.

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