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Updated: Jul 13

Congratulations on creating your first major hit experience on FreeGuides. You’ve done all the research, take all the steps in customising your experience, your photos look immaculate and you’ve even had a few people join your experience. But I guess you wondering how do I get more people to try my experience? Yes, you’re already a highly rated guide on the app, and as soon as people search up experiences yours are near the top, but how do you encourage more people to join your experience who don’t have the app already downloaded? Well, today we’re going to provide you with 3 steps that should let you better market yourself to others, both offline and online. Hopefully, once you implement any of the steps, you’ll see a spike in people joining your experience, and some extra money in your pockets. With that all said, let’s get started with number 1.


Before we get started, I would like to remind you that every experience you create has a UNIQUE identifier on our FreeGuides app. This means that you are able to send anyone your link and they can access that experience.

Number 1: Be a Social Media Wiz

It should come to no surprise that social media now dominates every facet of our lives. People are on their phones more and more, and when they’re not on the phones checking out the latest pic from their friends Insta feed, or browsing the latest dances off TikTok, they’re on their computers doing the exact same thing. Your reach will improve vastl when highlighting your experiences in either Instagram, Facebook or TikTok posts. Now we’re not saying you have to develop a full social media strategy, such as choosing the right time to post or comparing word choices to get the most out of your post, but we are encouraging you to share your experiences in a simple post. Simple lines like “Check out this new experience I created” or “Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend?” go a long way in promoting not just your experience but you yourself as a guide. Just a quick note and that is not to spam your socials too much. If there’s one thing people hate, that is seeing too many of the same posts over and over again. You want people to be excited every time they see one of your posts, not to be exhausted by them. Make your experience a treat, both in the content and your social media campaign about it. Oh and don’t forget to tag us in your posts, we’ll be sure to share them around our social media platforms to lend you a helping hand.

Number 2: Word of Mouth, there’s no School like the old School

One thing that I found most people underestimate is the scope of their own personal network. Now I know what you’re thinking, as soon as you see the word network or hear the word networking your skin crawls just as much as mine. But you don’t think that every conversation in a networking sense has to be a stiff affair with a suit and tie. Just telling your friends and family about your new experience that you’ve created is a great way to increase the number of explorers. What may also surprise you is how deep your network is, if you can imagine that every person you tell about your experience, tells 3 or 4 of their friends, you’ll see the numbers skyrocket faster than you would have first thought. For tips about spreading your experience through word of mouth, I would make sure the conversations you have with people aren’t too formal, and you introduce concepts from a methodology called relational meetings. Relational meetings involve casual chatter and small talk between people, in order to improve relationships with them. Once you’ve developed the conversation into more than just a mode to deliver your experience, you can naturally segue into talking to them about your experience. And I can’t stress this enough but don’t undervalue the breadth of network, you know more people than you think, and so do your friends.

Number 3: Influence is Everything

With greater challenge normally comes greater reward. With Number 3 we find the possibility to see the greatest reach with your experiences, whilst simultaneously being the hardest to pull off. Getting influencers, whether you regard them as typical social media influences, or just respected members of various fields can be difficult. They are concerned with their personal brand and are therefore unlikely to promote an experience that does not resonate with them. But if you are able to bring them on board and have them promote your work, you will see the largest spike in explorers participating in your experience. First, you should identify the influencers who most resonate with your experience, and then reach out through social media or email address. You may need to offer an exchange for services or monetary compensation, but if you are able to pull it off, you will be able to hop onto an already established community and rapidly expand not just the number of explorers keen to try your experience, but many new people downloading the FreeGuides app.

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