Top Travel Apps in 2022

Updated: Jun 27

The ultimate guide to the best apps you can download to plan, manage and execute all your travel plans.

Travel apps should be able to take out the stress of having to manage your trips and let you enjoy the moments while you're travelling. No need to continue to stress about your next vacation with planning your itinerary, when an app can do it for you.

Thankfully, there are many apps out there to help you create a perfect getaway and manage all the small things that can take the time out of enjoying your holiday.

Here we list out our favourite travel apps, for when you decide to jump on a flight or take your next road trip across the country.

1. Hopper (iOS and Android)

A staple app in any frequent flyer's phone, they use data and algorithms to help predict when the next price drops for a flight ticket will be. They have a large range of different airlines and countries you can view, so buying a cheap ticket has never been easier.

The app also sends alerts and reminders for when they notice a price drop and you can add your financial details in-app, so you can purchase a ticket straight away!

2. TripIt (iOS and Android)

Do you ever want to see all your travel plans in an organised way without having to put in the effort to make a nice document on your computer? TripIt helps consolidate all your travel details into an easy formatted itinerary on your phone.

What's great about it? You can also share your itineraries with other people for them to view, so if you're travelling in a group, everyone knows what to do all the time.

3. Airbnb (iOS and Android)

A star that has arisen recently is Airbnb, now a staple app on almost all travellers' phones. Airbnb allows travellers to find cheap accommodations by others renting out their homes for short-term stays. These places are generally a more affordable option than booking a hotel for the night and include more amenities.

Airbnb is available in many countries, supporting most languages.

4. GasBuddy (iOS and Android)

Thinking of taking a drive? Gasbuddy helps you find the cheapest gas stations in your area and helps you save lots of money on petrol. Users are able to just search their location to find supported nearby prices in their area.

GasBuddy is only supported in the United States, Canada and Australia as of now.

5. FreeGuides (iOS and Android)

When travelling to a place, most people want to see things that will excite them, they want to experience the local culture and how people live. FreeGuides helps travellers discover the hidden gems in a place, with over 1,000 experiences worldwide, their experiences are made by locals who want to share knowledge about their area.

So if you're looking to find your next favourite place to eat, play or stay, FreeGuides is the perfect app to discover that.

Download: iOS and Android

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