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Daniel Wasilewsky
3 min

What are self-guided experiences?


With FreeGuides, we offer guided and self-guided experiences for tour guides to create and for tourists to choose from. But what are self-guided experiences? A simple definition is that all the information regarding travelling from one point to the other is provided for tourists to be able to explore themselves without a tour guide present. To put this into perspective, it is like Google Maps but tailored for tours.

Who is this for?

If you are an experienced traveller who is looking for a challenge or something new, a self-guided tour is the one for you! You don’t need to plan a trip or organise things to do as you can choose from many exciting and adventurous self-guided tours created by locals from all around the world!

If you have a family and travelling with kids, self-guided tours can help give you the experiences you want. With this kind of tour, there are plenty of options and things to do without having to stick to a strict schedule of a tour group. Your kids can also relax and have fun without the pressure.

If you are travelling with a group of friends, self-guided tours can give you and your friends the freedom you need while still having that tour information in your hand. There is no more stressing out on planning a trip. Just let the local guides on FreeGuides give you the options you need to have fun and relax!

What are the benefits?

1. Go at your own pace

When you go on a guided tour, there is always a set time that the tour starts and ends. But not for self-guided tours! You can choose when to go and when to finish. You can choose to spend more time at a certain point during the tour or to go off on a tangent (somewhere off course) if you find a place you want to explore that is not part of the tour but within the vicinity. There is no pressure about keeping up with the tour group and allows flexibility within the self-guided experience.

2. Save time on planning & research

You might be that person who loves to travel but dislikes the tedious planning and research that comes before the experience. Well, there is no need to worry as self-guided tours have got that covered. With self-guided, local tour guides do all the planning and research needed for a journey, while you, the tourist, can just enjoy the pre-created tour. You can do whatever you want with the tour while still having that planned out itinerary.

3. A more genuine experience

With self-guided tours, you can have more of a personal experience and make special memories. You do not need to see things through a window of a tour bus or follow wherever the tour group goes. Since you are travelling independently, you have the opportunity to chat with locals if you lost your way or want to find information about something without sticking to a tour guide.

4. Be independent with support on standby

Coupled with the information given through the FreeGuides app for the self-guided tour chosen, tourists can seek support when undertaking the experience. FreeGuides support is available online.

5. Choose your own travel buddies

Doing a self-guided tour means that you can choose to travel on your own or to take travel buddies! Unlike tour groups where you have no choice over the people you are going to travel with, you can choose who to partake the adventurous self-guided tour with. Whether it be with your family, friends or co-workers, self-guided tour is the way to go!

6. A sense of accomplishment

Ever wanted to go through a planned trip by yourself and feel good in the end once you complete it? Self-guide experiences are the one for you! With no tour guide present and just the itinerary on your FreeGuides app, you can go on your bold tour and return victorious and show off to your friends and family.

7. For tour guides: scalability

If you are a tour guide who has difficulty in guiding people in person, creating self-guided tours is the one for you! Through this, tourists can still take your tours and you, yourself, can get some income at the end. So, while you do your day job or hang out with friends, tourists can take your created itinerary! This is an excellent opportunity to gain passive income.

After knowing all the benefits and what self-guided experiences are, why not try one for yourself today? Whether your a tour guide or a tourist, join the FreeGuides app today and experience the wonderful world of self-guided experiences!

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