What inspires people to become tour guides?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Whether you want a break from your day job, want something fun to do or a retiree, becoming a tour guide has been one of the most popular trends over the past years. FreeGuides is an app that enables locals to create, run and manage their free walking tours. Local tour guides from anywhere in the world have been joining this fantastic platform. Why? Well, here are the main reasons why people want to become tour guides and what FreeGuides can offer:

1. Meet new people & build connections

Being a tour guide means you will be meeting with people from diverse backgrounds and possibly, make new friends. From the quiet crowd to the sociable, you get to hear about their passions and stories. There are tons of opportunities to get to know them and build a network of connections through joining FreeGuides.

2. Share the love & excitement

Have you ever wanted to show someone your favourite places or your hometown? Maybe you have an itch to show off your expert knowledge of culture, food, art, customs, history and architecture? Well, being a tour guide at FreeGuides provides you with infinite chances to do so! You get to share the happiness you feel to others and enjoy seeing the excitement on their faces at the places you showed them or the knowledge you told. The experiences you bring to your visitors can make a significant impact in their lives! You can be the reason why they had an enjoyable tour and may even get recommended to other new people!

3. Personal skills & knowledge development

With tour guiding, you can develop both interpersonal and leadership skills in a range of situations. Your wealth of knowledge is growing as the people you interact with increases from a variety of backgrounds. You can end up becoming an expert tour guide as you are constantly learning on the job. The valuable skill sets you gain in being a tour guide can help you in any future careers.

4. Earn while you have fun

The profession says it all! You get to travel to many different places and broaden your insights while earning some income. You will be living the dream and make your friends working in desk jobs jealous. With FreeGuides, you provide free tours for your visitors while earning some income at the end should they tip you, allowing more visitors to join in for fun as it is cost-free and allows you the chance to make some money depending on how much they enjoyed your tours.

You don’t have to feel pressured to stick to a scripted tour if it is paid beforehand and risk the satisfaction of tourists because being cost-free allows you the freedom to run your tours however you want as well as give the tourists a chance to give back at the end. FreeGuides offers two modes of tours - guided and self-guided. With self-guided, tourists can guide themselves with your tour information without you – the tour guide – being there. If you are a guide who has difficulty in guiding people in person, creating self-guided tours is the one for you! Through this, tourists can still take your tours and you, yourself, can get some income at the end.

5. Take a break

Want a break from that 9-5 grind? Want a break from life? Want to try something new and adventurous? Travelling is the way to go and being a tour guide can be life-changing. With FreeGuides, you can customise your tours to take place at anytime and anywhere. The app is useful if you have another job as you don’t have a fixed time to work as a tour guide and can set the time on your terms. You also don’t need to be there for people to take your tours. So, while you do your day job or hang out with friends, tourists can take your self-guided tour!

There are many other reasons as to what drives a person to become a tour guide and what makes them join FreeGuides. However, one thing is for sure. No one regrets becoming a guide and joining FreeGuides. So, are you ready to become one of us?

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