What Makes FreeGuides Unique

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

You may be asking yourself what makes FreeGuide so different from any of the other free walking tour apps you can download, or even from local magazines trying to offer you the top beaches to hit this summer. What makes FreeGuides unique is not the singular opportunities on offer with all the experiences, but rather the breadth of services and ways to create a truly unique experience with the app. If you’re considering getting into the free walking tour world, maybe you want to show off your city, or perhaps you are looking for a way to earn a little extra cash this summer, FreeGuides should be the first step in achieving any of these goals. We’ve explained in previous articles on a range of options available through FreeGuides, but here we will go in a little more depth into the services you are able to provide, and how FreeGuides enables these services through its unique design.

FreeGuides as a Community

What FreeGuides does differently from other apps of a similar vein is the community aspect of the application itself. You are able to rate other experiences from guides, view profiles from other guides in order to better your own, and maybe meet new explorers through reviews they have left on experiences. The experiences on FreeGuides are curated by us but created by each and every one of you. The FreeGuides community is the backbone of the organisation, so enabling you to connect with us and improve your experiences is of the utmost importance. FreeGuides also provides a unique level of satisfaction when moving through the list of experiences, a level of satisfaction brought knowing that every guide and experience seen on the app is created by you and designed for you. Use the genre features to filter the type of experience you would most like to join and find like-minded explorers and guides. The community aspect of FreeGuides is one of the strongest parts of the app, and we can’t wait to have you on board as well.

Flexibility of Experiences

FreeGuides doesn’t just allow users to create walking tours, but a whole host of activities due to the flexibility of the experience creation process. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, FreeGuides doesn’t solely allow for the creation of typical walking tours, but also in-depth lessons for both activities and information. Teach lessons on surfing, photography or maybe even history lessons on certain regions all through the description feature on the app. Instead of photo’s of the locations, perhaps include informative diagrams or stats in order to convey your point with greater ease. Instead of creating experiences that lead explorers from one part of your home town to another, FreeGuides allows users, both explorers and guides to experience a range of activities all through the touch of a button. This leads us into the next unique feature of FreeGuides, and that is accessibility.

Accessibility: Anytime, Anywhere

One of the prime features that makes FreeGuides unique is the ability to no just access the app from your phone, but to also create experiences anytime as well. FreeGuides took a change in direction during the pandemic this year, adapting to a model which allows for users to join experiences during their own leisure, as well as to move from stops on each experience during their own time as well. The pivot has allowed FreeGuides to remove the rigidity from the walking tour model, which dictates a time and a place to begin the tour, as well as a set end time. With the ability to move at your own pace, FreeGuides allows explorers to spend as much time in a location as they need. The model also assists in the creation of experiences, allowing guides to create detailed and personalised experiences from the relative comfort of their own home. The ability to earn an income from home whilst something that became prolific during the peak of the pandemic is something that more and more people are looking to incorporate into their lives as we transition back to relative normality.

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