How Can I Create an Experience on the Web?

Updated: Jul 6

Learn how to create experiences through our web application

Before you begin to create your experience on our Web App, make sure you fill out your profile and attach your bank account so people are able to tip your experience. All our experiences need to fit a criteria which allows it to be approved, feel free to check this blog here to learn more about the requirements.

1. Press on the ‘+ Create’ on the top right of the screen

2. Fill in the required boxes (Name, Description, etc.) of the experience, we recommend that you use our Canva template to ensure your cover photo fits our ratio. Try to keep your experience name short but informative such as ‘Day Trip to Kyoto’s Shrines’ or ‘Hidden Bondi to Manly Walking Trail.

3. Add your stops, you can do this by searching up locations or dragging and dropping pins for those locations that are hard to search up. Make sure you have at least 3 stops before proceeding to the next step!

4. Now you can add your content to your experience, make sure to add at least 2 different unique media to your experience. Try to make it detailed so the explorers can immerse themselves - we recommend imaging yourself promoting this location to your friend!

5. Now that you have added 2 different media to each of your stops, you can press ‘publish’ down below. This will send the experience to the FreeGuides Team and we will be in touch after reviewing it to let you know whether it is approved or what steps you need to take to fix it.

6. You can now preview your experience, all you have to do is wait for approval or feedback from the FreeGuides Team which will be sent to your email within 48 hours. If you received feedback, you can edit the experience using the blue button!

And there you have it! Your first experience on FreeGuides, if this is your first approved experience you’ll also receive a reward of $10 AUD. This will be transferred into your currency to your user account, in which you can withdraw as cash or use to tip other experiences on the platform.

If you still haven’t found the answers you’re after, ask our Guide Community or Contact Us.

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