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Bruce Zhu
Bruce Zhu
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How to Get Your New Experiences Approved


One of the most common hurdles that new guides struggle with is the requirements of getting their experience approved. Every experience that is created is reviewed by the FreeGuides team and we have a list of requirements that must be met before we approve it to be live to the rest of Australia.

Requirements we check:


To get your account verified, you are required to provide bank account details so that you are able to receive money for experiences you create that other users find valuable. To do this, press on ‘Finance’ and then the plus sign under 'Receiving'.  Insert your BSB and Account Number (Image 1) then press 'Verify Account' (Image 2).

You will then get a link to add more details to your billing address so you are able to have you securely in our system.

Stripe Finance Page

Once you have finished this, you are now verified with FreeGuides.


In order to add more stops, you can press the green plus button (Step 6b) and add multiple stops to the experience.


You are then required to add at least two forms of media to each stop to ensure the experience has content (Step 8).

List of Media

FreeGuides Requirements

Images are an easy addition to the experience as they provide a visual representation of what the experience would look like. As they say, a picture means a thousand words. The beauty of the experience can only be explained through a visual representation. You can choose to take the photo live at the spot or you are able to choose a photo you have taken previously.

Videos are a very easy way to demonstrate an experience in the full tour. For example, you can upload a video of the views of the experience you are guiding which allows the explorer to understand. Furthermore it can be used to promo the experience by snapshotting the key moments of the experience; similar to a vlog intro.

Audio is also an important tool that you can implement into your experiences as it will allow you to verbally guide the explorer with the content. This audio can be played while they are partaking the experience and not have to read the content as they are walking. Having a good audio explanation will allow the explorers to take their eyes off the screen and listen to the audio

Links can also be added for the explorers convenience to lead them to the official website of the experience or could be linked to a YouTube video where they can view similar content that is already existing.

Text can also be added for the explorer to read and to give them an understanding / description of the given experience. The text is written in 'Markdown Language' and can be used to format the text.


Next, proof-read your content to ensure that there is no explicit content as FreeGuides is for all ages and we will reject your experience if you have any inappropriate content.


Make sure to include at least 1 detailed photo demonstrating the experience, whether it is an image of the location or an image of the cuisine/beverage so that users get a better visual experience.


Next you are required to have a profile picture to give the users an understanding of who the guide is. This creates a more familiar experience and a sense of community as there may be some familiar faces as you undergo/create more experiences.


This can be further enhanced with a biography under your profile as it gives the users a better understanding of what kind of person you are and the interests you have. This is done by going on the profile page and editing the profile picture and biography.

By following this tutorial, your experience will get approved and you will be able to make passive income from other users tipping your experiences. Thank you for your time with FreeGuides.

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