How to Make a Super Experience and Stand Out From the Rest

Updated: Jul 18

FreeGuides has been working on many - and many more app updates for the community. As we are always on the mission to deliver valuable experiences to everyone, it is time for us to a new step in our never-ending journey!

Effective immediately, with our new update you will have the opportunity to make your experience stand out from hundreds of others.

Big updates for the guides: FreeGuides has introduced the “Super Experience” feature.

What is a Super Experience?

A Super Experience will have a banner labelled on the top left corner of your experience page. By making it “super”, the FreeGuides algorithm will push the experience to more users and hence attract more people going on your experiences, which also means, a potential for more passive income. With 30% increased exposure than a regular experience, there comes lots and lots more benefits!

How to Make a Super Experience?

Now there are a few criteria you need to match to make your guide super! You could either make changes on your existing experience or create a new one to receive the Super Experience banner.

  1. Tell a Story: The experience needs to be a journey that allows explorers to have an in-depth understanding of the story you’re trying to tell.

  2. Unique Adventure: Provide explorers with unique experiences that can’t just be found anywhere else; do this by utilising your knowledge of the area, showcasing local gems and any lesser known locations!

  3. Personalise It: Have videos and audio messages to create a more personal relationship between you and those going on your experience.

  4. Make a Checklist: Allow explorers to prepare for the experience by providing a checklist of what they need to bring or pre-book before the experience.

  5. Ensure it’s Feasible: The experience needs to be logistically possible - so no walking across rivers or oceans! If the experience requires travelling vehicles, such as bikes or cars, make sure you highlight this in the description or title.

  6. Image Quality: The quality of the images need to be high quality - it’s even better if you include your own media to provide a sense of personalisation to your experience.

Still have questions? Here is an amazing Super Experience example:

- Blue Mountains 2 Day Experience

Once you meet all the above criteria, the FreeGuides algorithm will review your updated experience and award it all the Super Experience benefits! The process usually takes 1-2 weeks and the FreeGuides team will notify you via email once it is successfully approved. While you wait, it will be a good option to register yourself on the mailing list and follow our Instagram account @freeguides to stay updated with the FreeGuides community.

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