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Sam Radford
Sam Radford
5 min

The 14 Best Cafes in Sydney


14. Edition Coffee Roasters

Located between the trifecta of Paddy’s Market, the Chinese Garden of Friendship and the Powerhouse Museum sits the Edition Coffee Roasters. A fusion of Japanese and Scandanavian cuisine provides the perfect meal to warm the soul as chase it down with an exquisite cup of coffee. The minimalist black interior will highlight this fusion of east meets west as you finish off an afternoon in Sydney’s Chinatown with this multicultural touchstone.

13. Went to See the Gypsy

Went to See the Gypsy sets itself up in the ever-growing cultural hub of Sydney’s Inner West. Based in Alexandria amidst the refurbished warehouses turned restaurants and fantastic parks to walk off the eventual food coma, this café is a must if you find yourself in the suburb. The batch brew black coffee is an absolute treat for the true coffee connoisseur and the lunchtime menu is an absolute treat. Get in quick as places are limited.

12. Industry Beans

If you find yourself wandering around Sydney’s impressive CBD, I can’t recommend a better stopping point than Industry Beans. Located in York St near the iconic Queen Victoria Building, this coffee spot is the perfect place to revitalise yourself whilst you explore various attractions in the city. Grab yourself a takeaway and continue on your trek, or sit down and relax by the café’s sandstone exterior this Sydney Summer.  

11. Boon Café and Jarern Chai

Cooking up a storm this weekend for family and friends? Then you need to head down to Jarern Chai, your local Haymarket based Thai grocer. Find yourself some Galangal to spice up your next stir-fry, or maybe add some Kaffir limes to add that nice citrus touch. But more importantly, make sure to check out the Boon Café within the grocer itself. Contemporary Thai cuisine with a Modern Australian twist accompanied by various cold and hot tea’s enforces the idea that grocery shopping can be fun.

10. Paramount Coffee Project

One of the best cafes in Sydney’s chic Surry Hills, the Paramount Coffee Project looks to push the boundaries of what we consider coffee. Choose from a variety of single-origin roasts from all over the world whilst you chow down on classic Southern-style comfort food. This high ceilinged transformed industrial warehouse will be a welcome reward from a day exploring Surry Hill’s best Op shops.

9. Three Blue Ducks Bronte

Named after Bronte urban legend, Three Blue Duck’s menu is one that isn’t to be missed. Packed out every weekend in summer, this cafe nestled between Bronte and Clovelly beach offers fresh food brought in from their Byron Bay located farm. Surrounded by two equally reputable cafes, Three Blue Ducks stands above the rest with its exceptional coffee, expansive menu, and friendly service making you feel right at home.

8. Two Chaps

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Two Chaps, aptly named after its Chapel Street location in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Marrickville, this small cafe offers specialty roasted beans and a Mediterranean inspired day time menu. Although a great spot to relax at during one of Sydney’s summer days, the cafe transforms as the sun goes down into a vegetarian masterclass. From buffalo ricotta, sweet peas, and leek ravioli to an outstanding saffron risotto, the Two Chaps set menu is a must-try.

7. Reuben Hills

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Serving Southern and Central American classics such as Huevos Rancheros and Baleada, Reuben Hills is a Surry Hills must visit. This top cafe offers a wide range of single-origin coffee beans from various Latin American countries to top off a menu that brings the two continents directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re visiting some of the other cafes on this list, or just wandering around the ever beautiful Surry Hills, Reuben Hills is a pit stop you won’t regret.

6. Brickfields

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Brickfields Bakery is a hub of artisanal bread and pastries located in the ever-trendy suburb of Chippendale, right near the Sydney CBD. Great sourdoughs and ryes await as you pick up key ingredients for a superb afternoon picnic at many of the parks and gardens near Chippendale. Or perhaps you are looking for a coffee after having a tour at the famous White Rabbit Gallery located only two blocks away from this fantastic bakery. Whatever your reason, I can guarantee a great coffee and lunch if you stop by this Chippendale icon.

5. Rising Sun Workshop

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The Rising Sun Workshop in Newtown pushes the boundaries of what a cafe is. On one side of the room, you have a motorcycle workshop, where you can upgrade and repair your bikes. On the other side of the room, you have a modern Japanese ramen and yakitori restaurant. Whether you’re visiting in the daytime to upgrade the bike and want a quick bite, or wandering down the famous King Street looking for a place to chow down at, the Rising Sun Workshop is one of the view locations that services both needs.

4. Saga

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Saga Cafe is located on Enmore Road in Sydney’s Inner West and self describes as a local neighborhood cafe. When entering the cozy cafe you’ll see mostly locals enjoying a coffee or perhaps a cake or two from the extraordinary patisserie section. This cafe is suited for those who want a quiet experience, away from the hustle and bustle that may be the CBD or maybe for those who find themselves frequently on the cultural hub that is Newtown.

3. Circa Espresso

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If you find yourself in Western Sydney, or what is the geographical centre of the city which is Paramatta, I would highly recommend taking a look at Circa Espresso. Providing not just a wide range of coffee orders, but tea as well, this self stylised hotel restaurant boasts an impressive farm to table modern Australian cuisine to accompany your selection of beverage. Don’t worry about reservations or bookings, this cafe boasts its open-door policy.

2. Lox Stock and Barrel

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Lox Stock and Barrel is a touchstone of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Located at the iconic Bondi Beach, only 2 minutes away from the waterfront, Lox Stock and Barrel doubles down on its title, hoasting a wide menu of classic Eastern European Jewish food. My personal recommendation to order is the Rueben, the classic hot pastrami and rye bread. Although make sure to go hungry if you plan on ordering the Rueben and have a bed nearby to sleep it off after.

1. Room 10

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Now I’ll be honest here, Room 10 is probably my favorite cafe in Sydney. Found in a small alleyway in Potts Point, this whole in the wall has an impressive toasted sandwich selection with phenomenal baristas on the espresso machine. My personal favourites are the Rueben and Mushroom Grilled Cheese, both of which will have you returning every weekend for sure. If you want a great cafe, in a quiet neighbourhood, Room 10 is the perfect complementary experience to any midsummer stroll.

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