Top 10 Best Ramen in Sydney

Updated: Jun 27

Ramen in Sydney is an institution of the cities culinary pallet, but with so many new stores popping up every day, it’s important to know where to go for your Tonkotsu and where to go for your Shoyu. Normally with a top 10 list, I would rank the restaurants in order, but doing that to the Top 10 Ramen restaurants would feel like ranking your children. I’m just not going to do it. So here are your Top 10 Ramen Restaurants in Sydney, in no particular order.

10. RaRa Ramen

RaRa Ramen is one of the most popular Ramen destinations in three suburbs. From Newtown to Redfern to Randwick, you’ll find a hot bowl of the tantalisingly rich Tonkotsu with Black Garlic & Chilli awaiting you. Chow down on the Chicken Karaage Mazesoba with Truffle Mayo whilst you wash it down with a host of Japanese draft beers awaiting your consumption. RaRa has also done a special collaboration with Sydney staple brewery, Yullis, in creating a unique lager to accompany their fine selection of ramens. No matter if you find yourself in the East or Inner West, Ra Ra will be there waiting for you, just mind the lines getting in.

9. Gogyo

Conveniently located right next to Central Station in the ever-popular suburb of Surry Hills lies Gogyo, a traditional Japanese Ramen den nestled amongst the side streets. Gogyo offers a wide range of not just broths but noodles as well to accompany their ramen. From the thick-cut udon soaking up the Tonkotsu broth to the finely cut Soba nestled in the extraordinarily spicy Chilli Shoyu, the true Ramen connoisseur will find exactly what they are looking for as the step through the doors. But remember what I said about the Chilli Shoyu if you order it, it really is no joke.

8. Ichiban Boshi

Placing Ichiban Boshi on this list kind of feels like cheating to me. I could write this entire article about why you must go to Ichiban, having been there more times than I can count. With two locations in Bondi Junction and the Sydney CBD, this institution of Sydney based Ramen offers a wide selection of noodles, broths and rice dishes to enjoy whilst you sip the classic Japanese soft drink Ramune. Ichiban Boshi to me feels like my home away from home, with too many memories of me and my friends on cold winter nights sitting outside and warming our spirits with a steaming bowl of delicious ramen.

7. Rising Sun Workshop

We recently spoke about the Rising Sun Workshop when we wrote about the best cafes to check out in Sydney, but it would seem extraordinarily out of place not to mention the brilliant Ramen selection offered at this establishment. If you missed out on the last article, I’ll give you a general background. The Rising Sun Workshop is part cafe, part Ramen restaurant, part motorcycle workshop because well, of course, it is. Located in the ever-bustling Newtown, the Rising Sun Workshop offers a delectable Ramen as well as a host of yakitori favourites and Japanese Sando’s

6. Ippudo

Ippudo is a fan favourite located at the top level of the Westfield shopping complex in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Ippudo is a familial restaurant to Gogyo, offering many of the same dishes. Also boasting a range of not just broths, but noodles as well, Ippudo is a must-visit for any budding ramen expert. But if I’m to be honest, my favourite thing at Ippudo is the buns. The Pork Buns, the Karaage Chicken Buns, the Prawn Buns, my mouth waters just thinking of them. Top ten hits of your favourite proteins nestled betwixt a cloud-like bun, honestly what’s not to love.

5. Chaco Ramen

Chaco Ramen and along with sister restaurant Chaco Bar serve up some of the finest Japanese cuisines in Sydney. Chaco Bar serves a famous Yakitori menu, whilst Chaco Ramen as the name indicates is famed for its iconic Ramen. Serving both hot and cold Ramen, Chaco Ramen has cemented itself in the hearts and stomachs of Sydneysiders. My personal recommendation is the Yuzu Scallop Ramen with John Dory and Prawn wontons. If you a Tonkotsu fan, then look no further than the Fat Soy Ramen, its richness and fat level personalised to your tastes.

4. Gumshara Ramen

Gumshara is a Sydney mainstay, with its thick Tonkotsu broth an icon amongst all Ramen fans, new and old alike. Located in Haymarket right in the heart of the Sydney CBD, check out this famed Ramen restaurant after a browse around Paddy’s Markets, or perhaps a visit to the Chinese Gardens. Gumshara has become one of the few restaurants striving since the Corona Virus outbreak, adapting their business model to deliver their Ramen straight to your home. Order frozen broth, noodles and toppings of your choice, to bring Gumshara Ramen to your kitchen.

3. Ryo’s Noodles

Located across the bridge in the ever beautiful Crow’s Nest sits Ryo’s Noodles. One of the best if not the best Ramen restaurants in the North Shore, Ryo’s Noodles has become the go-to spot for all Ramen fans North of the Bridge. Serving multiple Tonkotsu and Chicken Broth based Ramens, Ryo provides a variety to the experienced Ramen fan, whilst offering unique choices to the beginner. The Chicken Katsu Curry whilst a mainstay for any fan of Japanese cuisine, provides a new experience for those new to food stylings, offering a hearty curry perfect for a cold winter evening.

2. Ramen Zundo

With a new location recently opening up in Chatswood, Ramen Zundo has begun its expansion from its World Square residence. The original restaurant located in the bustling CBD offers both Ramen and Rice dishes for all those in need. Shio, Miso and Tonkotsu are all on the menu with a variety of noodle cuts and toppings. Dishes can be altered to Miso and Soy-based broths for the vegetarians and vegans amongst us. Ramen Zundo really brings the classic streetside Ramen found all over Tokyo to Sydney. No frills or thrills, just quality Ramen.

1. Yasaka

Yasaka Ramen perfectly blends the new with the old in this trendy Japanese restaurant. The exposed brick and modern interior decorating perfectly complement the hearty Ramen. Yaska’s signature dish, a slow-cooked pork rib amidst a delightful Tonkotsu is the staple for returning customers, and the dish that will surely make you return again. The Black Garlic Ramen is a Yasaka original creation, also adopted by many newer Ramen haunts such as RaRa, and one of my personal favourites. Watch out for the Spicy Black Ramen, whilst absolutely delicious, truly lives up to its name as being extremely hot.

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